20688C Supporting Windows 8.1 Course

  • Good evening everyone.......My first post on the form so if it isn't in the right place forgive me

    I'm currently on the 4th day of the 20688C Supporting Windows 8.1 inspector led training course. When we originally signed up for the course, it was under 'Managing and Maintaining Windows 8'. Since we have signed up the course has been revised to the C revision and seems to have been changed to 'Support Windows 8.1'

    This is my very first Microsoft course that i have taken, can anyone advise as to whether or not i will still have to take the B revision of the course to take the exam or would the exam have been revised as well so that the course and the 'Supporting Windows 8.1' Microsoft book is what the exam will be about. 

    The exam on the Microsoft website still states that it still has questions on 'designing an installation and application str' which isn't covered on the new C revision course or the new C revision book. I understand you cannot tell me exactly what is in the exam but would be helpful to know whether i still need to take and read the B revision course or not before taking the exam



  • Hi Matt.

    Just to make things clear: You don't have to take any course to take any exam. If you feel confident in the subjects on the exam page you can take the exam at any time.

    One way of preparing for an exam is by taking an instructor-led (not inspector) course. The course wil go through most of the subjects in the exam, but it's up to you to prepare for the exam, and if a subject is not explained in the course, then you can use the links at the website mentioned above to prepare for these subjects. Most of these links are to websites on Technet.

    Another possibility is to use and find courses about the subject, or where you can run through diefferent labs like in the instructor-led course.

    And finally, you can't do it without hands-on experience. That's still the best way of learning.

    I hope this clarifies some of your concerns.

    Best regards, Tommy

  • I have to agree with Tommy on the final point. I took the exam today, but sadly am still not quite there yet, despite 3 months of solid MVA, Measureup and vLabs for 688 on the MLO website.

    The heavy emphasis on deploying (DISM and Intune being two major factors here) is difficult for me - I thought this exam was about Windows 8.1?

    Regarding Intune, are there any labs specific to deployment and also managing devices with Intune? I can't see how I can learn this without already having an Intune account.

    Matthew Bennett

    BA(Hons), PGDip, QTS, ECDL, MCSA/MCP/MCTS, MCITP - Windows 7, MCDST, MCT, CompTIA A+, N+, APM, ADMS

  • Matthew, I had the same problems.  I struggled big time with the Intune, MDOP, and DARP, all products I don't have access too.  I did just sign up for a trial of Intune.  Still not sure that is helping me.  I have been monitoring and hounding Transcender and MeasureUP about getting the updated content on 8.1.  And the books don't come out until later this year.

    Matt, beware I looked at the class that you are talking about and it don't mention Intune not one time.  I am pretty sure the class alone will not do it.  I normally use just a book, practice exam software, and some hands on experience.  But the class might help force you to get some hands on experience too.


  • Hello all,

    I would like to add up on what have been said and for all those that already took the exam or are about to. I took the exam twice and failed. The problem is that the syllabus does not reflect the questions on the exam. The 20688C syllabus talks about troubleshooting mostly but when sitting for the exam it's a complete different story. Most questions were very advanced level about APP-V, UE-v got some system-centre questions and others more that I can't recall (which eventually was not on the 20688C syllabus).

    Personally, I am trying my best to get through this exam by looking in 20411 and 20412 exam materials as what I strongly think (and saw on the exam) is that a very, very strong and in-depth knowledge of server is required.

    So to all those who are attempting or re-attempting the exam take a good look at the server side of things (CBTnuggets, trainsignal, 20-411 and 20-412 materials).

    Good luck to anyone and if ever u have any links that can help please post.

    Thanks you.

  • I'm using Skillport courseware to study for Windows 8.1 certification and there is a lot about GPOs, application virtualization, imaging and endpoint security which led me to think that maybe these were going beyond what was needed. However, your comments have confirmed to me that Skillport must be right on target with there training.

    Thank you