Get started with Bre’Ana Deen! She hosts and teaches two courses on MVA and three on edX, with everything you need to get set up for web development success! Gain a solid understanding of basic web technologies and learn to build a full-stack web app of your own—from start to finish—using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Begin with Build Your First Web App - Part 1 on MVA, which features a full team of experts. Hear an overview of design thinking for technology and web development basics, and set up the tools you need to start building for the web. Learn from industry professionals about the everyday work of a software product manager, define user requirements for your product, start designing interfaces for your app, and much more. Plus, spend time working with Git and GitHub.

‚ÄčThen check out Build Your First Web App – Part 2, which offers a practical walk-through of the process, as you find out how to build webpages using HTML, style webpages using CSS, and handle browser behavior using JavaScript. Follow along with Bre’Ana, and watch lots of practical demos to build a web back end using Node.js, store app data using a SQL database, and deploy your app using Azure.

Build Your First Web App - Part 2

For a deeper dive into what front-end web development is, what’s involved in back-end web development, and what the technologies are used for (along with how to use them), take a look at Bre’Ana’s more in-depth edX courses on these topics:

  • Designing a Technical Solution explores how to turn your idea into a prototype, as you learn the process of designing web apps to solve real problems. It even includes lessons from industry and a look at how product managers handle these tasks in real life.
  • Building Interactive Prototypes Using JavaScript is a helpful introduction to how to use JavaScript—the programming language of the web—to create interactive webpages. Get comfortable using documentation as you build.
  • Building Functional Prototypes Using Node.js offers insight into the basics of back-end web development as you turn a simple web application prototype into something that can store live data. Learn the basics of Node.js, SQL, and SQLite to write queries and work with a database.

Web development is a popular and practical skill to have. But as a beginner, it can be difficult to know where to start. Bre’Ana’s courses—whether the basic overviews on MVA or the in-depth trainings on edX—are the perfect entry!

Get going today!