Want to learn the basics of Word, Excel, or Outlook? Get started here!

Matthew Calder (MVA)

“I am terrible with Excel.” That’s how one of the students in the newly revised Office Fundamentals: Word, Excel, and Outlook course introduced himself. If you feel the same way—even if you don’t know what a spreadsheet is—this course is a great place to start. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you’ll learn the tips and tricks in Office and how easily you can put them to use. And then you’ll be the person who posts: “I passed!”

The popular course is a thorough Office training created for true beginners who want to learn the basics of working in Word, Excel, and Outlook. Advanced users who’ve needed a refresher have gotten lots of practical help, too! It was released toward the end of last year, is now out of preview, and is even more current and polished. Students from around the world—from Ethiopia to Italy, and from Pakistan to Pasadena—have taken it and have offered feedback in the forums, where you can find community support if you need it. Feel free to jump in, ask questions, or encourage another student.

Based on the Microsoft Step by Step books, the course starts with the very basics. You get hands-on practice in every module, as the instructors take you through the practical skills you’ll need for any job that requires Office fluency for day-to-day tasks. Robert Deupree Jr. and Doug Thomas (the star of Doug from Office) teach you all the details. Learn to create and manage Word documents, organize information in tables, and perform calculations on data. Do a mail merge, organize your email Inbox, and manage email automatically, and lots more.

In just six short weeks, with four to six focused hours per week, you can skill up on Office—and you don’t have to bring any experience at all to the table. Plus, you can use free trial versions of the software if you don’t already have it on your computer. You can also check out other courses in the Microsoft Professional Program for IT Support. Take this opportunity to learn how to use Office from the folks who created it!

What you’ll learn:

  • Create and edit Word documents
  • Create and perform data calculations with Excel spreadsheets
  • Manage your email and calendar in Outlook

Get started now!