If you’re working as a front-end web developer—or hoping to do so—you know that TypeScript fluency is fast becoming a requirement. TypeScript started at Microsoft as an open source project in 2012 and is now incredibly popular because it makes web development much easier and solves lots of issues for JavaScript developers. Plus, it has attracted the attention of the web dev community, which regularly contributes to its improvement and offers support so you can get the help you need. It’s easily managed and maintained, and it’s the answer to building scalable web apps. As instructor and Microsoft Content Developer Marwa Hussein points out, it works on any browser, any host, and any OS.

Ready to skill up? Join the experts, and learn to write organized code for your website with this typed superset of JavaScript that compiles to plain JavaScript. Introduction to TypeScript 2, now available on edX, is part of the Microsoft Professional Program in Front-End Web Development. See how TypeScript brings you all the next-generation features of ECMAScript 6, like Arrow Functions, Decorators, Generics, Modules, and Interfaces. And get hands-on with types, optional static types, classes, and interfaces.

Bring your JavaScript and programming fundamentals experience. Familiarity with HTML would be helpful, too, as would knowledge of object-oriented programming. Plan to spend four or five hours per week for four weeks, watch videos, see demos, take assessments, and dive deep into TypeScript with Marwa and her co-hosts MVP Daren May and SME Drake Boley.

If you just have a few TypeScript questions and want to get your feet wet, check out TypeScript Top 10 Questions Answered on MVA. Marwa and Microsoft Program Manager Daniel Rosenwasser explore how to stay connected with the TypeScript community, offer an introduction to TypeScript, and look at how to structure code in TypeScript. They cover questions gathered from Stack Overflow, various blogs, and the TypeScript website. Wondering the difference between let and var in TypeScript? Check out the answer: 

Marwa and her colleagues have the TypeScript answers and training you need to skill up. Sign up now, and take another step toward a career in front-end web development, with this important tool.

Take Introduction to TypeScript 2 on edX or get your TypeScript Top 10 Questions Answered on MVA!