Today we're excited to announce the continuing growth of the Microsoft Professional Program (MPP) with a comprehensive new track: IT Support. Like other MPP tracks, IT Support provides job-ready skills in technical domains of the greatest demand. You can learn about MPP tracks on the program page.

This is the first MPP track aimed entirely at beginners, and provides job-ready skills for anyone looking to enter IT Support. This is a great way to enter the IT field, which has an estimated need of 400,000 jobs worldwide. The only requirements before beginning this track is some familiarity with computers and the ability to access the online courses, making it ideal for someone who wants an entry-level position in IT Support but may not have the necessary skills.

The IT Support track was created by the Principle Content Publishing Manager for Microsoft, James Seymour, and his team. James started his career in IT Support back in the mid-1990s, when he learned to set up networks by playing video games with his friends at LAN parties. Since then, his 20+ year career spanned the help desk, consulting, and eventually Microsoft.

James wanted to tap into his career experiences, especially his early times at the help desk, to inspire others to kickstart a career in IT. He championed the IT Support track, which was developed with the assistance of Microsoft Support staff and partners themselves, and offers a wide range of courses, teaching everything from the technical knowledge needed for IT Support to the "soft skills"—dealing with frustrated customers, high call volume, and problem solving. It teaches fundamental understandings of Office, Windows, hardware, networking, and the cloud, so a graduate can take these skills to nearly any entry-level IT Support job.

Throughout the track, AI chatbots will simulate the customer-facing environment, students will tackle hands-on labs with broken virtual machines, and analyze numerous customer scenarios taken from real-world support calls. The track ends with a capstone experience where students will deal with real-world support situations, giving them the opportunity to apply everything they learned and be graded on their performance.

Once someone completes this course, they'll receive the kind of industry credentials that hiring managers want—a great foundation in IT Support, along with the tactics to help customers. Potential employers will know that IT Support program graduates have completed training that complements the company's own products, and that they will be thinking about support in the ways the employer wants.

Discover this career-building opportunity in IT Support, and see where a job in technology might take you!

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