Sneak Peek: SQL Server 2012 learning products in development

Krista Wall (Microsoft)

SQL Server 2012 is coming! We have already started developing some of the exams, courses, and books that will help our customers to learn SQL Server 2012 and to showcase their new skills. Here’s a sneak peek at what’s in the works. Keep your eye here on Born to Learn for more details as we get closer to launch.

The quick view





Querying Microsoft SQL Server


Training Kit


Administering a Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Database


Training Kit


Building Data Warehouses with Microsoft SQL Server 2012


Training Kit


Developing a Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Database


Exam Reference


Designing Database Solutions for SQL Server 2012


Exam Reference


Implementing Data Models and Reports with Microsoft SQL Server 2012


Exam Reference


Designing Business Intelligence Solutions with Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Platform


Exam Reference


*There will be several other great SQL Server 2012 books as well, which won’t have corresponding exams and courses. More news on those later from Devon, I’m sure. 

What’s different about the courses and books this time

  • 1:1 mapping between exam, course, and book (no more two-course mapping!)       
  • An exam preparation book for each exam
  • More real-world scenarios and business context

 What’s different about the exams and certifications this time

  • More community involvement in identifying the skills to be tested (over 300 people participated!)
  • Higher expectations of skill level and experience for the successful candidate
  • More direct focus on core skills such as querying and on business context
  • Recertification required every three years at the Pro level

Wait just a minute. Did you say recertification?

Why yes, I did. In order to ensure that our certifications remain a meaningful and valuable indicator of candidate’s skills, SQL Server 2012 Professional-level certifications will require recertification every three years. Initially, the recertification requirement will be one or two exams. You can find out more by viewing the frequently asked questions about recertification on our web site.

  • nikolaosk
    | |

    I really think it is a great idea and makes absolute sense to have 1:1 mapping between exam, course, and book. that makes it crystal clear for the students as well

  • Anonymous
    | |

    What about certification upgrades, any info on that yet?

  • Anonymous
    | |

    Hello Krista

    My name is Jamsin and I am SQL Server MVP. Is there any chance to get access to some of that materials (under your terms) and/or beta exams? Personaly I am intrested for 70-461. Also I teach Databae subjects on University.

    Thank you

  • Anonymous
    | |

    my opinion in video:

  • John Deardurff (Regional Lead - USA)

    This is good info. Worried about the receritifcations every 3 years. That's going to kill MCT's.

  • Anonymous
    | |

    Any information on 2012 MCM programme available yet?

  • Anonymous
    | |

    SQL Server 2012 Professional-level certifications will require recertification every three years.

    If I was an IT professional such as MS Active Directory, MS Exchange, MS SMS, SQL DBA, yeah then maybe every 5 years recertify would be not too bad. Being a developer and working long hours is tough enough, now recertify every 3 years ?

    Perhaps I should find another career - 'playing the stock market', or find a rich girlfriend, hmmm.

    I think every 5 years for IT, every 7 years for developers is ok.

  • Anonymous
    | |

    Also, for you to recertify every 3 years, Microsoft has to bring out new versions of SQL / Development products (plus exam and study material) every 3 years. Is this realistic ?  (You can't write the same exam every 3 years). Between SQL 2000 and 2005 there was a big change (so exam required), between SQL 2005 and 2008 a slight change (does not require an exam, perhaps attend SQL 2008 upgrade course of 2 days). I hope my comment clarifies things a bit.

  • Jeff Wharton
    | |

    @kevin_nikolai There were sufficient changes from SQL Server 2005 to 2008 to warrant new certification exams.  There are also sufficient changes in 2012 to warrant new certification exams.

    Recertification should have been introduced some time ago as in the past, features have been added to SQL Server between major versions via service packs.  We also have the current situation where SQL Server 2008R2 contains features not currently covered in SQL Server 2008 certification exams yet people believe they are competent with R2 just because they’ve passed 2008 exams.

    As a developer, you should be actively reviewing your skills and undertaking further study otherwise your skills will become out-dated very quickly

  • Anonymous
    | |

    Thanks for sharing this. I have completed Exam 70-455 in 2010 (Upgrade: Transition Your MCITP- SQL Server 2005 Business Intelligence Developer to MCITP-SQL Server 2008 Business Intelligence Developer)

    Is there any Upgrade path from SQL Server 2008 to 2012  in BI and DW specific?



  • Anonymous
    | |

    Very interested in working towards the 461 exam as it underpins all of the BI stuff I want to do and also the DBA side as well. Are there any details of Beta exams or suggested prep material.



  • pjschawla
    | |

    Does any one know about the Beta exams for SQL 2012?

  • Philippe Geiger
    | |

    An error inside the table: the course 10778 prepare for the exam 70-466 (, not for 70-465.