MTA Training and Certification Now Available at Commercial Test Centers

Don Field

Microsoft Technology Associate  (MTA) has previously been available only to academic students, faculty, and staff. Now, anyone looking to explore a career in IT or to enhance their knowledge of IT can take an MTA exam!

MTA provides essential technology training and an industry-recognized certification to those just starting a career in IT - or for business professionals who want to enhance their career by adding a technology skillset. 

Twelve exams in three technology tracks -- IT Infrastructure, Developer, and Database -- cover cutting-edge topics (such as Gaming and HTML5), and foundational topics that provide valuable skills in traditional technology fields and the new world of cloud computing. By passing an MTA exam you become part of the Microsoft Certification Program. While building confidence and skills, you can find MTA to be a stepping stone to other Microsoft certifications such as Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA) or Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD).

Microsoft Learning Partners who delivered MTA training and certification exams during the recent pilot received positive feedback from their instructors and their students. The training and certification sessions took place in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and South Africa. The pilot partners agree that MTA provides a great opportunity for those who are interested in exploring a career in IT but have little experience with technology.

Ready to get MTA certified? Go to here to find out how.

As another boost on your road to MTA, Microsoft is offering a free second shot on certification exams that are taken at commercial test centers.

  • Mike Corkery
    | |

    Excellent News! This will be a great tool that I can offer my students as they enter the world of IT careers.

  • Mehdi HAMMADI (Regioanal Lead - Algeria)

    Hi ALL,

    This is a great news for people like me that have skills in IT technologies but cannot give a written proof of that. With MTA this will possible.

    The second good news is that the MTA exams can be taken with Prometric or Certiport not like 70- exams serie that can be taken with Prometric and MOS exams just with Certiport.

  • Dave Franklyn Regional Lead Eastern USA

    I also am going to start teaching MTA  I think many of the courses will make excellent online classes.  I'm especially looking for Homeschooled students who can use these opportunities.

  • 3steveco33
    | |

    Thank You. This is a decent jumping off point for anyone interested.

  • ranmal_u
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    very good idea

  • c3c26cb0-a65a-4b25-a31f-e7e4ad04c8fb

    HI , I am from Costa Rica, can I take this kind of certifications too ?

  • c3c26cb0-a65a-4b25-a31f-e7e4ad04c8fb

    I have been working on IT related fields for almost two years but I havent taken any certification; I was thinking to take an MTA certification or should I take another certification, because I've heard this one is an starting point. Thanks for your comments

  • Veronica Sopher - Microsoft
    | |

    @ledezmachavez - MTA is an optional starting point for those who need to build up foundational IT skillset to enter the career field or to augment business skills. If you've already been working with Microsoft technologies, consider starting with MCSA. Available tracks are listed on our website:

  • Waseemuddin Shaikh
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    please tell me another code for take a free exam 70-480.i put two codes HTMLJMP and HTMLMPN but these are not working please tell me another code..this my first time to take an exam.