Microsoft MCSE Ranks in the 15 Top-Paying IT Certifications

Liberty Munson (Microsoft)

According to 15 Top-Paying IT Certifications for 2018 (published 3/12 by Global Knowledge), the certification for Microsoft Certified Solution Expert (MCSE) in Cloud Platform & Infrastructure weighs in at number 12. Not enough to get you excited? How about this:

As Teresa Conte summarizes in her blog post Four IT Skills with Sky-High Prospects, "Recent findings from a Microsoft-sponsored IDC white paper, 'Cloud Skills and Organizational Influence: How Cloud Skills Are Accelerating the Careers of IT Professionals,' found that although 70% of CIOs surveyed identify themselves as having a "cloud-first IT strategy," only 16% of companies have the IT skills to carry out this strategy. This translates into demand for people with the expertise to thrive in a cloud-first environment."

Now that I've piqued your interest, you're probably thinking . . . hey, maybe I should get one of those super-cool Microsoft Azure certifications! How would I do that?

Start by checking out the Cloud Platform & Infrastructure certification path graphic below (click to enlarge), which includes these certifications:

And then review the latest exam preparation resources, now on a single new Azure exam resource page. There you’ll find links to Microsoft Official Courses, Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) on edX, Microsoft Official Practice Tests, Exam Reference books from Microsoft Press, and a Learn more link to each exam detail page where you can dive into the exam content and schedule your exam. We gathered all the resources in one place and audited them thoroughly with subject matter experts to help you to prepare efficiently for your Azure exams.

Learn more about the value of MSCE certification and resolve to get certified now! Why are you still here?!?

  • Pinaki Ghatak
    | |

    Greetings, Liberty.

    This is a nice article post indeed, but I do have a question. The link that you refers to on GlobalKnowledge puts AWS (Cloud) technology as No 2 - while all Microsoft technologies at the bottom half.

    But since I am an Azue candidate myself, why is that the only Microsoft MCSE certification mentioned for non-cloud related.

    It seems that the article you are writing does not sync with the article you are reefing to.

    Of course other factors come into effect, and certifications have different weight in different countries. Myself for example, having 2 MCS, 2 MCSA, 1 MCSD  (can be verified here : )certifications, do not earn even half of what is mentioned in the article.

  • Lisa Weber
    | |

    @Pinaki Ghatak The article refers to the MCSE for Server Infrastructure as 12 of 15, and then goes on to explain:

    "Making our list of the 15 top-paying IT certifications yet again, this certification has seen significant change over the past year. In March 2017, it was retired and replaced by the MCSE: Cloud Platform and Infrastructure certification. While this certification is no longer attainable, if previously earned, it will remain on your transcript in the Active section."

    It's a little confusing when we retire and replace certifications, and I'm sorry about that. You have to scroll down to the breakdown of each certification to find out the connection between the MCSE we mentioned and the MCSE the article mentions. Hope this is good news, and thank you for sharing your salary experience.  Your certifications are impressive!