Updated 12/14/2017, 1/9/2018, and 2/5/2018 (changes in red)

Based on feedback on Exam 70-534 from our Azure certification experts and previous candidates, Microsoft is adjusting the scope of the exam to focus exclusively on design and architecture elements and eliminate tactical implementation details best covered in other Azure exams. The result is a stronger "architecting" exam with about 30% of the objective domain changing.

Given the significant amount of change to the exam, we've decided to renumber the new exam to 70-535. Candidates currently preparing for 70-534 still have time to prepare for and take that exam for a limited time, and candidates just starting their preparation for Architecting Azure Solutions should focus on 70-535. Because 70-535 is a replacement exam, its name "Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions" will remain the same and this exam will not go through a beta test.

Key Dates and Registration Details for Candidates

The newly updated Exam 70-535: Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions will be available in English starting November 30, 2017; this is also the last day that you can register for 70-534 on its exam details page. Candidates who want to take 70-534 should register for it by November 30, 2017 and take it by December 31, 2017.

Why Did We Revise the Exam and What's Changing?

We recently met with a team of experts to review and redesign the objective domain (OD) for the exam. The goals for the meeting were to validate the target audience description, update the scope of the exam to include more architectural/design roles, and clarify the overall vision for the exam.

Architects and solution designers often specialize on data solutions, applications, networking, security, operations, and platform services. We agreed that for this exam, candidates should have awareness and some experience with each of these specializations. Each of these specializations is included in the revised OD, which you can review on the exam details page for 70-535.

In addition, the team agreed that the exam should focus on understanding which tools and technologies to use to meet specific business constraints and when to use specific tools and technologies. The exam will no longer focus on implementation details.

Why Did We Renumber 534?

Renumbering the exam allows us to offer both exams for a month (from November 30 to December 31) to help ease the transition for candidates who are currently studying for Exam 534.

How Does This Affect My MCSA/MCSE/MCSD Certifications?

Exam 70-534 will continue to apply to the attainment of the related MCSA/MCSE/MCSD certifications if you register for the exam before the November 30 deadline and take the exam before December 31, 2017.

If you took 70-534 previously and earned a MCSA/MCSE/MCSD certification, you will retain that certification. Exam 70-535 is a direct replacement for Exam 70-534; it is being added to all the relevant MCSA/MCSE/MCSD paths and the certification requirements affected by this change will be updated over the next few weeks. You will be able to find the updated requirements by browsing for them on the certification overview page of the Microsoft Learning site.

What Exam Prep Resources Are Available?

What About Special Offers for Azure Certification?

Check out the current offers on the Azure Training and Certification page. If you purchase (or have purchased in the past) any promotional offer that contains Azure exams, prior to the release of 70-535, the voucher will be updated to include this new exam when it becomes available.

Good luck on your Azure certification Journey!