When I was younger, I often built plastic models of planes, tanks, and other military machines. I wanted the models to be very realistic, but it was often a challenge to find the correct paint colors. The local hobby shops did not have a big selection of paints. Usually, there were just a few different colors from a number of manufacturers. (This was well before the days when you could look things up on the Internet.)

The Humbrol Paint Converter app for Windows 8 and Windows Phone fills this niche very nicely. If I bring a list of colors that I need to a hobby store, I can see what the store has available and then use this app to cross-match the inventory with what I need.

The app is easy to use. When you launch the app, it shows you all of the colors for a primary brand and a second brand. You can configure which two brands to display. When you click a specific color swatch, a second page shows you details about that color, including part numbers for other manufacturers’ comparable colors.

I think there are some opportunities to make this app even easier to use. In addition to being able to group by the paint finish type, it might be helpful to group by color families (for example, greens, reds, and yellows). I think you may also be able to come up with a more descriptive name for the app. The app does so much more than just convert from one brand of paints. Perhaps a name that refers to “scale modelers’ paint converter” would help. Lastly, a graphic that shows some of the paints (and perhaps some painted models) would make for a great splash screen for the app or Windows Store graphic.

Sadly, the last hobby shop in this area that carried these kits and paints has long since closed. I wonder why I stopped building these models. I think that I am going to go online, buy a kit and some paint, and enjoy. Thanks for creating this app!


 Download Humbrol Paint Converter for Windows 8 and Windows Phone.

App Creator: MCP Ognian Chernokojev, @JogyBlack