In our last blog post, Ready your team for the modern workplace, we talked about being confident that your team has the skills and experience it takes to make your organization’s transition to the cloud efficient and effective. And we talked about how certification plays a huge part in that. We even pointed out how certification validates your team’s abilities so you don’t have to.  Here, we’ll focus on one of the most critical cloud transition skill sets—that of identity and access management.

What do we mean when say identity, and why is it important? The short version is that identity and access management deals with who in your organization can access which resources with what devices. With the move to the cloud, decisions around identity take on even greater significance. This is particularly critical for the mobile enterprise, since most employees have multiple devices that they use for work.

Lots of us are familiar with identity in the context of security—the new perimeter in today’s digital world. But identity and access management can also help your team of certified IT pros make your employees’ lives and jobs easier. Imagine how much more efficient your employees could be if they didn’t need to manage password proliferation, the multiple logins and profiles required to get to all the tools they need to do their jobs. (We’re willing to bet that login problems are among the top issues for help desks around the world.)

With the seamless user authentication experience offered by the Microsoft identity tools and strategy, these login and password issues can be resolved, making it much easier for your employees to bring their creativity and innovation to the tasks at hand rather than struggling with password proliferation. As many organizations look to digitally transform how their teams work and collaborate, Microsoft offers strategies around authorization control, identity choices, access to resources and infrastructure, Azure Active Directory, federation services, and much more.

Check out this short enterprise mobility platform video that explores our approach and illustrates key concepts and strategies. 

From the concept of identity as control plane, to those of cloud identity, simple connections, self-service, single sign-on, and more, your team has a lot of important considerations to weigh as it strives to provide your users straightforward (but secure) access so they can be more effective at their jobs. These are even more reasons that certification is critical. In our next blog posts, we’ll explore Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) exams that your team members will take on the way to Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA) certification for Office 365 and Windows 10.

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