Hey! What's Going on with the SME Database? Transitioning to Microsoft Collaborate

Liberty Munson (Microsoft)

Over the past few months, we’ve been getting requests from Microsoft aficionados who are interested in our beta exams and in developing exam and learning content. Until recently, we’d point these Subject Matter Experts to enter their skills and interests in our SME database, so members of our team could search for the best people for the work that needed to be done. We created the SME Profile database program so we can connect with SMEs who are passionate about Microsoft's training and credentialing efforts. Through the program, participants can take part in exam and learning development activities, such as courseware authoring, exam item writing, acting as technical reviewers, and participating in research. Perhaps the best benefit is getting special invites to participate in beta exams. SMEs in the database receive a special beta exam discount code that, while limited to a set number of seats, is only provided to that group. Being a member has its privileges.

Since its inception in 2009, the SME Profile database was hosted on Microsoft Connect, a technology adoption and distribution platform. Unfortunately, in late 2017, Microsoft Connect was deprecated. Because we value your contribution to our exam and learning development efforts, we created a new version of the SME database in December 2017 on the next generation tool for partner and customer engagement called Microsoft Collaborate. From December to February 2018, our capability was limited to transitioning only those Microsoft Connect users who opted to join us on the new platform; this required a special invite from someone on our team, which was not sustainable. During this same period, we enhanced the capabilities of Microsoft Collaborate to include most of the functionality that was available in Microsoft Connect.

As we enter March 2018, we're still a work in progress, but we are finally at a point where we have sufficient capability to open this more broadly to those who are interested. This includes open registration that allows interested participants to join without requiring a direct invitation from us.

If you were a member of the previous version, you should have received an invitation to opt in to Microsoft Collaborate in December. If you didn’t get the email (or can’t find it), we’ll be sharing details for how to add your profile information soon. New to the SME database or an alumni? Stay tuned to Born to Learn to find out how you can participate in Microsoft’s SME Profile database program!

  • Victor Hugo Villar Valladares
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    Please send me an invitation to be in the database. My email is victorhugovillar@hotmail.com