Today we’re excited to announce the continued expansion of the Microsoft Professional Program (MPP) with the addition of two new tracks: Cloud Administration and DevOps. Like other MPP courses, these tracks provide job-ready skills in technical domains of the greatest demand. You can learn more about these tracks on our program page


Until now, MPP curriculum has focused on Data and Front-End Web Development. With Cloud Administration and DevOps, we’re expanding to the cloud in key areas where there are sizable gaps between available skills and jobs. Some of the skills that you’ll develop in these tracks include:


  • Cloud Administration: As companies move to the cloud at ever-growing rates, the demand for skilled cloud professionals continues to increase. With the diversity of existing cloud solutions, companies are looking for people to fill a broad range of skills, from competencies like automation of their deployments and workloads to understanding how to best manage security and compliance.


  • DevOps: To support companies in their desire to be more agile, the lines between development and operations are becoming increasingly blurred. Through continuous integration and deployment, students will learn how to react to changing market conditions. In a world where your audience's taste can change on a dime, ensure their happiness by learning about application monitoring and feedback loops.


Since launching the MPP program a little over a year ago, we’ve now introduced five tracks and have entered into partnerships with leading universities such as Eastern Washington University and Indiana University. More than 90,000 learners have enrolled in an MPP track, and more than 1,600 students are completing the rigorous curriculum and challenging capstone project.


Expanding technical skills in the marketplace at low cost and high efficacy is our goal. We’ve heard from many of our MPP students about how helpful the program has been to their goals and aspirations and how it has made an impact on their career. We intend to further that impact by continuing to partner with leading organizations to help elevate the skills conversation.


For example, on September 23rd we co-sponsored (with edX) a workshop based on the Big Data MPP track at the 2017 Tapia Conference, which celebrates diversity in computing, for 60 students. The Tapia Conference brings together undergraduates and graduate students, faculty, researchers, and professionals in computing from all backgrounds and ethnicities. The instructor-led training introduced participants to the core skills for Big Data, focusing on how critical it is for companies to find people who can design the systems that capture, process, and analyze data to create competitive advantage. We’re thrilled that 60 participants joined us at 8 AM to invest 4 hours to learn more about Big Data solutions and get a head start on the MPP in Big Data track.


It is an exciting time for those who are looking to learn! We hope you’ll join us on this continuing learning journey. Please visit our program page to learn more about the Microsoft Professional Program today.