Join Microsoft MVP Tarun Arora for a look at how Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) and Microsoft Azure—and their many new services and features—can help you leverage the latest cloud technology as you implement the DevOps practices of continuous integration (CI) and continuous deployment (CD). Plus, learn how VSTS integrates with third-party and OSS tools, like Git and Jenkins.

The cloud is changing every day, and it puts more and more power at your fingertips and in your dev environment. As Tarun points out, “Regardless of the project, application, or environment, you’re always striving for speed of execution.” That is, you need to get changes into your apps more quickly and get them out to the customer. And to do so, you must have a solid process and tooling in place. That’s where DevOps comes in. In this course, now available on edX, Tarun explains how VSTS as a tooling platform, in combination with Azure, allows any developer on any platform and for any project or device, to go from ideation to production reliably, with simple procedures and out-of-the-box tooling.

If you have basic programming skills, you’ll be able to follow along. See demos and get hands-on with VSTS in this exploration of CI and CD, and learn how the open and vibrant VSTS ecosystem lets you plug into other tools, including open source tools, and extend them, leveraging Azure. Highlights include a look at the Application Insights feature flag demo and a discussion of infrastructure as code, which allows for infinite scale. Find out how to apply DevOps to legacy applications, and get a look at DevSecOps, which brings security concepts into the DevOps environment.

Get started with the tools for free. Tarun shows you how! Create, compile, deploy, performance test, and work with metrics—in open source tools, if you prefer. In just four weeks (two to four hours per week), learn what you need to know (and what your coworkers should know) to incorporate CI and CD DevOps practices, as you discover the depth and breadth of the platforms. The future of DevOps is now. Join Tarun for all the details.

Ready to incorporate more DevOps practices? We have lots of practical training for you. This course is part of the Microsoft Professional Program (MPP) in DevOps, a set of eight courses that teach you the skills necessary to implement a DevOps culture in your workplace. You might also want to take Tarun’s Infrastructure as Code course, which helps you automate infrastructure deployment and configuration.

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