Check out our preview course for folks looking for help with day-to-day tasks in Word, Excel, or Outlook

Matthew Calder (MVA)

Most jobs today require that you be comfortable performing day-to-day tasks with Office. For folks wondering how to get started, we’ve got a hands-on course that can give you the basics you need! “Preview: Office Fundamentals: Word, Excel, and Outlook,” featuring Robert Deupree Jr. and Doug Thomas (the star of Doug from Office), starts with the basics and quickly moves into many of the practical skills you’ll need to master for success on the job.

The free course, now available in Preview, is also part of an upcoming Microsoft Professional Program series, which will debut in early 2018 on edX. And it’s built on the foundations of the very popular Microsoft Step by Step books, includes hundreds of illustrations, and provides lots of practice to help you hone your basic skills. You’ll probably average around two or three hours per week over the course of six weeks, as you work through the modules at your own pace. Get help—and offer feedback—in the forums, where experts (including the Excel World Champion) will field your questions. If you’re really into Office, you may even want to take the Microsoft Office Specialist certification exams.

But first things first. Sign up today! No experience necessary. If you know how to get online and register for the course, you know enough to take the class. You may already have Office products on your computer. Students have access to free versions, and others can get free trial versions of the software. All source files that you’ll work with for the course are also provided for free.

What you’ll learn:

  • Create and edit Word documents
  • Create and perform data calculations with Excel spreadsheets
  • Manage your email and calendar in Outlook

Get started now!