Certification Update - Windows Server 2016

Larry Kaye

09/30/2016 Update - Get ready! The Exam 740 beta will begin the first week of October, with betas for Exams 741 and 742 following in early November.

08/05/2016 Update - As of 22-Jul, Exam 743 is available as a public beta.  The corresponding Microsoft Official Practice Test is scheduled for release in September, prior to the Microsoft Ignite conference. 


Microsoft is pleased to announce the release of the new MCSA: Windows Server 2016 certification.


The new MCSA can be earned by taking and passing the following three exams:

Exam 740 is scheduled for beta release in early October 2016, with the other exams following soon after.


Individuals who currently hold either an MCSA: Windows Server 2012 or MCSA: Windows Server 2008 certification will be able to upgrade to the new 2016 certification through a single, upgrade exam:

As of 22-July, Exam 743 is available in public beta. 


MOC courses corresponding to all four Windows Server 2016 exams are scheduled for release in September 2016, while practice tests will be available shortly after each exam beta period ends.


New options for specialization and continuing education through the MCSE program will be announced later this summer.

  • ImmoRhys
    | |

    Thanks for the update Larry, means we can start our prep. Any word so far if there will be a good book/self-paced guide for this exam?

    Ideally I'd like to complete it Charter like I did with 2012, before the brain dumps make it worthless.

  • Doug Kinzinger
    | |

    Excellent. I was Charter for 2012. Can I take the beta exam in July?

  • Divina staffy
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  • Sebastian Talmon
    | |

    MOC for the 70-743 upgrade exam seems to be already available:

    10983A Upgrading Your Skills to Windows Server 2016


    First published: 09 May 2016

  • Alexei Nikiforov
    | |

    Collegues, what is the difference btw 20743A and 10983A?

  • Chris
    | |

    Alexei- regarding 20743A and 10983A, I've had a chat with a very helpful chap on the Microsoft Certification Guidance Team and I believe that  the 10983A (which is not yet finished) is going to get additional content (presumably more difficult, level 300) as it developed, but the design started from the base of 20743A (level 100) which is why they are very similar at the moment.

  • Abdul Aziz
    | |

    how can i book this exam , because the exam is not in the list

    | |

    Well done!

  • 5b68a796-d8b4-44b4-8c88-122fd6cbee44

    "Individuals who currently hold either an MCSA: Windows Server 2012 or MCSA: Windows Server 2008 certification will be able to upgrade to the new 2016 certification through a single, upgrade exam:

    70-743 - Upgrade Your Skills to MCSA: Windows Server 2016"

    The statement above is not true when upgrading from MCSA: Windows Server 2008.Exam 417&Exam 743 are required to upgrade to mcsa 2016.There was a promo recently to take exam 417 before 30 June 2016 and then get a free exam 743 .

    I don`t know if my understanding is correct.

  • japke
    | |

    The 70-417 exam is "Upgrading Your Skills to MCSA Windows Server 2012".

    I believe the recent promo was to created to encourage people to still do the upgrade exam to 2012 and then also get a free exam (attempt ofc) to 70-743 "Upgrade Your Skills to MCSA: Windows Server 2016". To prevent people postponing to sit for 417 and waiting for the release of 743.

    With passing 743 and having a MCSA: WinServer2008, you will be "MCSA: Windows Server 2016". Basically holding MCSA for 2008 and 2016.

    If you also want to be MCSA for 2012, you will need to pass 417 (or all the individual required exams).

  • MommaDee15
    | |

    So I have MCSA 2008 and 2012, and my MCSE 2012 expires before the end of the year. If I take the 70-743 exam and pass, I should retain my MCSA 2012, right?

  • Larry Kaye
    | |

    @ImmoRhys - We don't have a schedule of related exam prep books yet, but the practice test is scheduled to be released in September (just in time for Ignite)

    @Doug and @Abdul - Yes, the upgrade exam 743 is available in beta as of July 22:


    @MommaDee15 - The upgrade exam 743 is for the MCSA certification.  The renew your MCSE: Server Infrastructure certification, you would need to take the appropriate recertification exam 980

  • Larry Kaye
    | |

    @ImmoRhys - just checked with our MS Press team and confirmed that Exam Refs for all Windows Server MCSA exams are scheduled to be published Nov-Dec 2016

  • ImmoRhys
    | |

    Thanks for that Larry, might start my own plan first, and then figure it out from there.

    Theres a lot of material to cover, and the ones we don't use in the real world are always tough.

  • Aleksandar Milosavljević
    | |

    Does anyone have some prep material ?

    Can someone help with this, I've scheduled this exam for August 25th.

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