Do you have work experience with developing applications for Windows Phone 7? Want to help us create the first Windows Phone 7 exam? Here’s your chance! We are looking for Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) for the following exam:

  • 70-599   Pro: Designing and Developing Windows Phone 7 Applications

We’ll be using the MSL SME database to find participants for blueprinting as well as other phases of development for this exam. For your best chance of participating, create a SME profile by filling out the survey on the MSL SME site on Microsoft Connect. (See this post for complete instructions.)

Please note that if you already filled out your SME profile, you’ll need to go back and update it. We have changed the answer options for “Which technologies do you have work experience with?” to include Window Phone 7. We’ll be looking for folks who select Windows Phone 7 on this question to help develop these exams. If you filled out your SME profile awhile ago, this option was not available for you to select.