Want to learn one of the most popular programming languages available today, with an engaging and easy-to-understand teacher? Python instructor Eric Camplin promises “a touch of coding elegance and a large helping of brute force,” meaning that he doesn’t aim for exquisite form but he does teach you all the parts and pieces and how to build your code so that you understand the basics. His laid-back style and straightforward explanations are earning him rave reviews from students around the world! One said, "I didn't believe that I could learn this much in such a short time!” And another noted, “This is a great course overall! As a novice I learned a lot from Eric Camplin and this course. I love the short videos, the way the content is organized and the pace used.”

Take one or all four Python courses—the two “sneak peeks” on MVA offer previews of two deeper dives on edX:

In Introduction to Python: Absolute Beginner on edX, explore Python layers and concepts. Learn how to work with types and variables, get the details on addition with strings and numbers, gather user input, format that input, and build all of that into a function. Want a preview? Check out the MVA course!  Here’s Eric discussing String format methods in MVA’s MVA: Python Beginner: Strings and Functions.

Ready for more Python? The edX course Introduction to Python: Fundamentals builds on the foundation of the Absolute Beginner course and takes you through data structures. Work with string, list, and range sequences, see details on file input and output, slice strings into substrings, and get lots of practical Python experience. You can preview this course, too! Watch Python Fundamentals: Lists and Loops on MVA. Here, Eric explores how to access objects in a list (and yes, he’s talking about a list of foot bones!).

What’s a String? What’s a List? How can I break a String into a List? Get the answers and get hands-on—without a lot of math or complicated terminology. Python is straightforward, easy-to-use, and text-based. And Eric makes it simple to learn. Check out the MVA courses for a taste of the more in-depth edX courses, and add Python to your developer skill set!