Artificial Intelligence and Entry Level Software Development: Join the Microsoft Professional Program Educational Community

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Today we're excited to announce that the Microsoft Professional Program (MPP) is expanding even more with the introduction of two new tracks: Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Entry Level Software Development. Like all MPP courses, these tracks provide job-ready skills in technical domains of the greatest demand. You can learn more about these tracks on our program page.

These new tracks offer educational opportunities for people looking for careers in the most cutting-edge fields or in one of the most tried-and-true paths: artificial intelligence and entry level software development, respectively. These are two areas of major need for employers, and sizable gaps exist between the number of jobs and trained workers. These new tracks cover:

  • Artificial Intelligence: AI enables software applications to make intelligent decisions based on data. When developing the MPP Data Science track, Microsoft realized the need for a separate (but related) AI track. This grew from an internal learning initiative and is for the most part the same training program that Microsoft employees use to learn AI—for details, read about Microsoft software engineer Elena Voyloshnikova’s journey using AI. Topics covered include manipulating data with Python, foundational math and statistics, principles of machine learning, deep learning neural networks, and applied AI techniques.
  • Entry Level Software Development: Most entry-level software learning curricula are web-focused, and even if you go to a dev "boot camp," you might not get what you need for an entry-level job at a company like Microsoft. This track seeks to rectify that by teaching you not only a variety of languages but also the fundamentals of problem solving and programming in any language.


Since launching the MPP program a little over a year ago, we’ve now introduced seven tracks (with more on the way) and have entered into partnerships with leading universities such as Eastern Washington University and Indiana University. More than 127,000 learners have enrolled in an MPP track.


Expanding job role–based skills in the marketplace at low cost and high efficacy is the goal of MPP. We’ve heard from many of our MPP students about how helpful the program has been to their goals and aspirations and how it has made an impact on their career. We intend to further that impact by continuing to partner with leading organizations to help elevate the skills conversation.


It is an exciting time for those who are looking to learn! We hope you’ll join us on this continuing learning journey. Please visit our program page to learn more about the Microsoft Professional Program today.

  • Pinaki Ghatak
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    The fact that this MPP track does not have a certification credential to distribute, neither an Acclaim (or any Open Badge) bothers me. Why is there no badge system to distribute what you learned for these tracks?

  • Pramod Gopinathan
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    Could you please let me know Microsoft Professional Program different from Microsoft Certification Program? Instance Data Science course and Data Analytics both have professional and certification program.