Selina recently blogged about two different salary surveys being conducted by Certification Magazine and Global Knowledge. By participating in these surveys, you provide valuable information about how your certifications—Microsoft and others—compare to others in the industry. It helps you answer the question, "Is my certification worth it?" After all, getting certified is A LOT of hard work. Not only does this demonstrate your competence in technology, but it really highlights your passion for learning and commitment to demonstrating skills above and beyond what may be needed in your role today.

To highlight this value, Robert Half Technologies provided a report highlighting the most valuable IT certifications across multiple areas of technology. They identified 13 IT certifications that have emerged as the most valuable IT certifications to help you land a new job, increase your salary, or get promoted. Find out how your Microsoft certification compares to others, why it's valuable, and what salary you might expect here.

And, help us (and yourself) by completing one of both of those surveys that Selina mentioned. We'll share the results of those surveys with you so you can make the certification decisions that are right for you as you continue on your career and learning journey.