We are developing five new Business Applications exams. Three new exams replace retiring exams and two new exams expand the certification paths for these certifications:

How Does the New Exams Affect Certification Paths?

Through December 31, 2017, certifications will be awarded using exams shown in the path graphic below. Starting January 1, 2018, new 2018 versions of the certifications will be awarded for any candidate meeting certification requirements through the new exams. The updated certification paths still require two exams each for the MCSAs plus one elective exam for the MCSE. Any replacement or new exams taken in 2017 will be applied to certifications awarded in the 2018 calendar year.

One key feature of this new approach to certification is that your MCSE credential can now be earned annually. You can renew your certification each year by passing an additional elective exam. Each time you earn the certification, a new certification entry will be added to your transcript. As a result, we will retire the 2017 versions of the certifications effective January 1, 2017 and they will remain on transcripts until those certifications are moved to legacy status (planned for the end of 2019).

​For more information on all Business Applications training and certification options, see the Business Applications overview on our Microsoft Learning site and download all Certification Paths. For a quick view of Microsoft's complete certification path structure, as well as plans for new exams and exam retirements, download our guide from the Certification Overview page.