Announcing A New MCSE: Enterprise Devices and Apps


We’ve just released two new exams for beta testing -- Exam 695: Deploying Windows Devices and Enterprise Apps and Exam 696: Managing Enterprise Devices and Apps.

These new exams are part of the new Enterprise Devices and Apps MCSE, which enables technologists to demonstrate solution-level skills for device management in today’s BYOD enterprise. You can earn the new MCSE by having a Windows 8 MCSA (or a Windows Server 2012 MCSA) and passing exams 695 and 696. Please note that because exams 695 and 696 are beta exams, you will not know your results until after the exams are scored.

Stay tuned for more information about the Enterprise Devices and Apps MCSE.

To register for the beta exams, please go to and

  • PeteAUS
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    Hoping some good course material comes out for these courses it seems MCSE Desktop Infrastructure faded into the background, could only find good material on MCSE Server Infrastructure.

  • Rachel Jones (MCT Regional Lead - Western US)

    This is an interesting new track. It may be just the push this lowly developer needs to get some IT-side certifications on my transcript!

  • Dave Franklyn Regional Lead Eastern USA

    PeteAUS, There are now three courses: 20494, 20495 and 20496.

    While 20494 doesn't have an exam associated with this MCSE, it helps round out the knowledge and skills required.

    20695 and 20696 are full of good content and information.

  • Peter Read
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    Good luck to anyone who managed to register for the beta's, I can't get an appointment anywhere though because all the test centres in London seem to be full, boo :(  

    I understand the need for a short availability window but it'd be nice for SME's to get a bit more notice so we could book in advance while there is appointment availability in the test centres.  (maybe this is only an issue in London/UK?)

  • Ed Baker (Regional Lead - UK)
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    Rachel - Having taken BETA 695 last week (and due to take 696 - this Thursday) - I would suggest that the Server Infrastructure is likely to be a less complicated option. This is a good and testing exam with MANY other products tested in very detailed terms. Obviously NDA precludes further detail in this comment BUT the exam page is quite accurate inits areas of study - and yes the wonderful pick the BEST question makes a regular appearance. (I do not like these at all as there is no telling what the examiners BEST is compared to mine! :-) )

  • Hamish Gibson
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    Interesting, nice to have a baseline set by certification for this slightly grey area of IT :-)

    Bit miffed to hear the best answer questions are in there, I ramped through a load of MVA stuff over the weekend and didn't like the questions that left answers 'available and possibly right' with not enough detail in the question....

  • Steve Whitcher
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    Due to a goof up at the testing center, I ended up taking the 696 last week, and will take the 695 next week.  I knew just looking at the description of what was covered on the exam that App-V and Intune would be weak areas for me on the 696, as we don't subscribe to either of those products where I work.  In the end, I don't think I did too bad on the exam, but I'd be mildly surprised if I pass.  

    That brings up the question, is there any reason one couldn't take the same beta exam twice if they are able to get a second appointment within the beta window?

  • Nick Portlock MCT - Regional Lead

    how come there's a standard charge to take these exams, surely beta exams are usually free aren't they? Nick

  • Thomas Hanrath (Regional Lead - Germany)

    At the first moment i thought: wow! great! finally an SCCM Enterprise Client Management MCSE. After reading the Skills needed for the two exams i am a bit disappointed. This new MCSE is only a better MCSE: Desktop Infrastructure.

    My opinion is: While it is not too late, take these 2 Exams and put the 70-243 SCCM Exam as the third exam on top to gain this MCSE certification and make it worth something!

  • Georges-Emmanuel TOPE (MCT Regional Lead - CIV)

    Good to know, is there a way to get free vouchers ?

  • HollyD
    | |

    @Georges-Emmanuel, please see my post from yesterday about taking the beta exams for free. Beta exam promo codes are provided in the post, and are available on a first-come, first-served basis.