An Update to the Data Management & Analytics MCSA Certification Names

Liberty Munson (Microsoft)

I recently blogged about Microsoft's new certification paths and the graphics that are available for you to download. Since then, we decided to rename several of the MCSAs in the Data Management & Analytics certification track so that they would better align to Microsoft technologies and more accurately reflect the skills that are being validated by the exams that are required of those certifications. If you have the previous version of the cert paths, here's what changed:

Old MCSA Title

New MCSA Title

Data Science

Machine Learning

Big Data Engineering

Data Engineering with Azure

Cloud Database Development

Azure Database Development

BI Reporting

remains...BI Reporting


The updated certification paths look like this:

You will also notice that we added a few additional exams to the elective pool. These changes should highlight your mad Microsoft skillz in the name of the certification itself.

  • Eugen Berend
    | |

    Hi! Great news. what is the planned date of exam's release? will there be a beta codes?

    I'm also interesting if there will be any new exams for private cloud (System Center 2016 and Azure stack) and a dedicated exam for SCCM. I'm asking because there are  corresponding Microsoft courses 20745 (released about half year ago) and 20703 (planned for release).

  • Pramod Gopinathan
    | |

    Does MCSA have some expiry date after certification?

  • Brian Kallion
    | |

    With the new exams being added to the elective pool, that means some people might now have MCSEs that didn't before (example: me).  Will that be reflected in transcripts at some point?

  • mario cole
    | |

    Hi I notice this has the ACE tag on it. Do you know if you're going to be renewing with ACE on this program? it currently lists most things as expired at the end of Feb this year.

  • Selina Winter
    | |

    @Eugen - If the exams are marked "planned" we'll release those exams in Beta before the end of Calendar year 2017.  We'll have dates that are more specific that we can share out by the end of June. In terms of future exams, we're finalizing our plan for the next year currently, so we can also share more info on the specific new exams in the June/July timeframe. I'll circle back here with info on both when available

    @Pramod - Your MCSE certification will not expire. We do review our paths on a regular basis and determine when they should be retired (based on the version of technology and Microsoft's support for that version). When we decide to retire a certification, that would be reflected on your transcript, but you would still hold that certification.

    @Brian - you are correct, it's possible that new people will earn the MCSE.  Once those updates are made, any new resulting certifications will be reflected on transcripts.

    @Mario - No plans currently for these exams to be included in ACE. We review ACE annually and will provide updates when new exams are added.  


  • Phillip Burton
    | |

    Do the new MCSEs expire? I read somewhere about having to do an additional elective exam a year?