2017 By the Numbers: A Year in Review

Liberty Munson (Microsoft)

I know you've been waiting for it—my annual "Year in Review" summary of all things exams. Here are the top 10 numbers that illustrate the world that I managed just for you in 2017:

  1. Beta Exams: 14
  2. Beta comments read: ~2800—keep them coming! This is how we identify issues, technical inaccuracies, and, of course, typos.
  3. New exams: 31, including 5 MTA exams and 9 Microsoft Dynamics exams
  4. New exams localized: 71 (19 exams localized into multiple languages)
  5. Exams sustained (ENU only): 86
  6. Exam publications (ENU only): 173 (Why is this more than #5? Well, we are constantly updating our cloud-based exams, and we are publishing updates at least every 2 months . . . Wow! I have been busy! My head hurts a little bit!)
  7. Items psychometrically analyzed: ~20,000 across those 86 exams in #5
  8. Exams localized as part of sustainment: 52
  9. Localized publications as part of sustainment: 306 (multiple languages across those 52 exams)
  10. Days that Liberty took for vacation: 13 (or not nearly enough!) 

Because I know what you're going to ask . . . no, I can't tell you how many exams were taken, passing rates, or certifications earned. We consider that information proprietary, but I will tell you that earning a certification is HARD work accomplished by those who are truly experts in their field with the persistence to continue through the journey. I will tell you that people who meet expectations described in the target audience profile and prepare for the exams by getting hands on experience with the technology are more likely to pass the exam.

Based on my data, here's my advice: Get training, get experience, get certified. It's hard work, but earning a certification clearly shows others that you are skilled in Microsoft technologies and have the passion and persistence to commit to ongoing learning and growth in the constantly changing IT world.