Microsoft Azure Certifications Now Available

Larry Kaye

To support the Microsoft community in adoption of Microsoft Azure as the cloud for their modern businesses, Microsoft Learning is proud to announce the availability of two new Microsoft Azure exams.  Each of the following exams awards individuals with a Microsoft Specialist certification, validating knowledge and skills in a specialized area of technology:

The new Azure Specialist certifications complement existing Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert and Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer credentials:

  • For developers, enhance your Web Applications and Windows Store Apps by learning how to build your own cloud services and validating those skills with Exam 532. 
  • For IT Professionals, expand your Windows Server and SQL Server on-premises prowess and validate those skills with Exam 533.

Five-day instructor-led training courses are scheduled for late Sept 2014 release.  Please see the exam pages for additional details.

Students are encouraged to visit the Microsoft Virtual Academy Azure page for additional training resources.

  • Sara Silva
    | |

    the links not works:

    We are sorry, the page you requested cannot be found.

    The URL may be misspelled or the page you're looking for is no longer available.

  • Cloud 9
    | |

    Thanks Larry ! Long awaited.

    I have heard about "microsoft azure developer specialist"? Can you speak if there is a program like that ?

    Also, any offers to motivate people to take these new certifications ?

    (like second shot etc. ?)

  • Charles Pluta
    | |

    Did these go through beta? I only ask, because I have my Connect profile set up, but never received a notification. =/

  • Brandon Williams
    | |

    Hi saramgsilva, you need to use a real browser.

  • Guido van Brakel
    | |

    Great new exam! But normally we get an beta invite for this exam, and I haven't seen a invite, while I had the Azure skill listed in my SME Profile. Was there no beta for this exam, or has the exam development process been changed and are beta exams removed?

  • Shamsul Alam
    | |

    why we use it?

  • lOnDoN bRidGe :þ :þ
    | |

    Hi saramgsilva, when browsing [], I get the same runtime error (Runtime Error in '/learning' application - HTTP 500) when using Internet Explorer 11 (en-IE).  The link works fine in Google Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. I guess the piece of code running for IE is faulty...

  • Thaek
    | |

    70-533 "Implement virtrual machines" - typo...

    | |

    Great, any more info on the 5 day course - nothing is listed about this on the exam webpage.

  • Larry Kaye
    | |

    @saramgsilva and London bRiDgE - Just checked the URLs and they appear to be working when using IE11.  Please let me know if you are still having problems.

    @Cloud 9 - both of these exams award a Specialist certification, so you will immediately have another credential on your transcript to share with business colleagues and managers.  At this point in time, there is no special incentive attached to these two exams.

    @Charles Pluta & Guido van Brakel - Exam 532 is in public beta, and the web page will be updated shortly to reflect that.  As a result, individuals taking that exam will have delayed scoring.  Further details will be provided upon registration.  Exam 533 will not have a beta period.

    @Thaek - I don't see the typo to which you are referring.  Please send details to

    @abettany - Course 20532 should be releasing within the next week; 20533, at the end of the month.  I'll update the blog when final details are available

  • Larry Kaye
    | |

    One more comment on the exam 70-532 beta.   I have been informed by the exam development team that registered subject matter experts (SME) have received an invite with free exam voucher.

    If you wish to be considered for addition to SME database, please visit:

  • Sidney Andrews (Regional Lead - United States)

    @Larry, do you know what field you used to send out the free exam voucher?  I talked to a local SME and both of us did not receive an e-mail and we both had Windows Azure selected in our SME profiles.

  • Pedro Martins
    | |

    Hi, I had the same problem saramgsilva did and I think it might be a cookies problem. If I open the URL in a Firefox private window, Chrome incognito window, or a different browser the page works just fine.

    Hope this helps,

    Best Regards,

    Pedro Martins

  • Don Tanedo (Microsoft)
    | |

    Hi add to Larry's response, we sent the email notifications to SMEs for both Windows Azure and Visual Studio (all versions) technologies. Other than it landing in your junk/spam folder, it may be because of your communication preferences (receive/not receive from MS) or use of a different email address.

  • Lucas Chies
    | |

    Hello, I had the same problem, I don´t receive the email notifications for both Windows Azure and Visual Studio.

    I already verified my emails and don´t have noting.



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