Update: App Review to Cert Pilot Program Now Open Worldwide

Larry Kaye

Based on customer demand, Microsoft Learning and Microsoft Premier Field Engineering (PFE) are expanding the App Review To Cert Pilot to cover the worldwide MCP community.

Originally launched in July, this program aligns with the needs of software developers for a real-world performance-based alternative to exams for validating their technical skills.


In this program, HTML5/WinJS or C#/XAML developers will receive their MCSD: Windows Store Apps certification by completing the following activities:

1. A 2-4 hour live (via Lync) technical review of their applications by the PFE App Consult team, and successfully addressing any identified must-fix issues.  Apps will be evaluated based on implementation of features corresponding to key Windows Store Essentials (481 or 484) exam objectives:

  • Design the UI layout and structure
  • Design and implement Process Lifecycle Management
  • Plan for application deployment
  • Implement Search and Share
  • Manage application settings and preferences
  • Create layout-aware apps to handle windowing modes
  • Design and implement data presentation, the app/nav bar, and navigation in an app
  • Create and manage tiles
  • Manage input devices
  • Retrieve data remotely

2. Submission and acceptance of their application to the Windows Store

3. Passing the associated Advanced Windows Store (482 or 485) exam in the certification path


Registration for the pilot program is open July 3-Oct 3 and is limited to 100 applicants with original applications that they alone have authored which:

  1. have not yet been submitted to the Windows Store
  2. will be ready for submission within 2 weeks of registration in the pilot program

To earn the exam credit, all activities must be completed within 90 days of acceptance into the pilot program.


To apply for this program, please send an email to AppRevToCert@microsoft.com

  • Chris Gardner (Regional Lead - Eastern US)

    Has it also expanded to allow Phone Apps written in C#/XAML?

  • Larry Kaye
    | |

    @Chris - Not at this time.   Once the pilot is complete, we will evaluate options to expand app reviews to other target platforms.

  • Sohail Abdul Sattar
    | |

    Is it for MCSD Windows Store only? Or for MCSD Web Applications too?

  • Larry Kaye
    | |

    @Sohail - At this time, the program is only open for review of Windows Store Apps and, therefore, only awards credit for the MCSD: Windows Store Apps certification.

  • Paul Choquette
    | |

    Any chance we will see something similar in the future with SharePoint apps and the corresponding MCSD?

  • Larry Kaye
    | |

    @Paul - Over the next few months, we will be evaluating the performance of the pilot program and the feasibility to expand it to Web and/or Office apps.  Stay tuned.