Inside MSL: Three Minutes with the Psychometrician

Kenji Onozawa

About the author

Kenji Onozawa is a new Community Manager at Microsoft Learning. He helps to connect people within the Microsoft Learning community and provides our online communities with useful information to help ease the certification process. Connect with him on Twitter and LinkedIn.


“What is a psychometrician, and how does she affect everyone who takes Microsoft certification exams?”

This is just one of the questions I had as I entered the office of Liberty Munson, Microsoft Learning’s Principal Pyschometrician. As I talked with her, I learned how incredibly important her role is to the overall quality and integrity of all of our Microsoft Certifications. Thanks to Liberty, when you pass and receive a Microsoft Certification, it’s truly a meaningful career milestone! And it serves as proof to hiring managers and others that you understand Microsoft technologies.   

How does Liberty uphold the quality and integrity of Microsoft Certification exams? Get the answer to that and the following questions in our short, three-minute interview:

  • What is a psychometrician, and how does she affect everyone who takes Microsoft Certification exams?

  • What is your favorite thing about your position?

  • What is your #1 tip for candidates looking to get a job at Microsoft?

Thanks again to Liberty Munson for the interview! In addition to being our psychometrician, Liberty is also one of the faces of Microsoft Learning’s ACE NewsByte videos and a frequent blogger here on Born To Learn.  

Do you have a question for Liberty? Leave it in the comments section, and we may use it in another video interview!

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