Earlier this week, we introduced you to Armando Lacerda, a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT), who shared his advice for newbies preparing to take a Microsoft Certification exam for the first time. This week, Armando is back to share with us stories from his experience as a long-time MCT who has travelled the world, training IT professionals in Microsoft technologies. Enjoy!


1. When did you become an MCT?

My first application to become an MCT was back in 1999.

2. What and where are you training now?

I am an independent trainer, and my primary focus is on SQL Server. Nowadays, I’m mainly teaching around the Americas (North, Central, and South) but I’ve taught in the Middle East, as well.

3. Why do you enjoy training people and helping them to pursue Microsoft Certifications?

I enjoy training people because it’s beneficial and it helps professionals showcase their expertise. Another reason is that, while in the classroom, I can share with my students what I know about Microsoft technologies while also learning about their experiences and real-world struggles. I usually tell them, “Please bring questions,” because I enjoy collecting them. Over the years, I’ve gathered literally thousands of student questions in my book. This in-classroom experience with my students is extremely beneficial because it brings me scenarios and real-life situations I would never otherwise face.

4. Please share a memorable candidate-related story from your experience as a Microsoft Certified Trainer.

I was once hired to teach a month-long SQL Server 2008 R2 curriculum in the middle of the Amazon Rain Forest! It was in an industrial city, called Manaus, in Brazil. It was an evening class, so students would show up after their office shifts. What I remember about this class is that my students would return to class, night after night, and say to me, “Hey Armando, that thing you taught us last night—I used it today in the office. It worked like a charm, and my boss was really impressed!” It was delightful!

Thanks again to Armando for allowing us to interview him about his experiences working as a Microsoft Certified Trainer. If you’d like to connect with him, visit our online study groups. He helps to answer questions there as a Database Certification Study Group moderator.

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