ACE NewsByte: Exchange Server 2013 Exams Updated for Service Pack 1

Liberty Munson (Microsoft)

Are you planning on taking Exchange Server 2013 in the near future? Then I have an update to share that may affect how you prepare for it.

Exchange Server 2013 exams – specifically 341 and 342 – have now been updated for Service Pack 1. Exchange Server 2013 Service Pack 1 introduced several new features and is compatible with Windows Server 2012 R2.

Although Microsoft Learning Experience takes a few different approaches to exam updates related to service pack releases, in this case we had Exchange SMEs view all of the questions on both exams and update them to remove any possible ambiguity in those questions. When a question is specifically referring to SP1 functionality, it is called out in the question, making it easy for candidates to know when service packs matter in terms of answering the question.  

The first service pack of any product is a very important milestone that usually triggers many large organizations to start planning and deploying that version of the product. So if you use Exchange Server in your role, now’s the time to get certified, stay ahead of the game, and show your organization that you’re committed to keeping up with the latest changes in technology. On that note, go register for your exam today!

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    When do the changes in the exam take place?  I am taking and Exchange 2013 courses next week, and want to know if I need supplemental instructions if the 70-341 exam just changed.

  • John Deardurff (Regional Lead - USA)

    Hello antonio. You can watch the Exam Prep from TechED here.

    They also had some excellent hands-on labs from TechEd there as well.

    I went this monring and downloaded the "Whats new in Exchange 2003 SP1 file." Which I would definitely recommend, I can already picture how these changes could affect the exam.

  • melvin.porter
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    When do these changes come in to effect ? Immediately ?

  • Liberty Munson (Microsoft)
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    The changes are already incorporated into the exam; however, don't panic! After talking to the planner, the changes are more cosmetic than anything. If the answer depends on knowledge of SP1, it is called out specifically in the question. That being said, I have a feeling that if you know Exchange, you'll likely be able to intuit how it works in SP1.