WPC Bound? It’s time to PARTY!

Melissa Bathum

Ok, so for those following along at home, I offered some pretty cool ways to get access to free certification exams – well, for those registered to attend the Worldwide Partner Conference next month in DC. That’s a huge value if you do the math, especially if your aim is to certify your entire lot of employees. But I digress.

Time to offer free drinks! Free food! Free casino games with free prizes! I’m telling you, if you’re a Learning Partner, MCT or their guest, this is the best way to spend your “free” time during WPC. And if you haven’t RSVP’d yet for the Microsoft Learning Partner Reception on Monday night, your free stuff, becomes someone else’s free stuff…

We secured a very cool venue to have our party this year. Do you recognize it from the exterior picture? Kinda looks like the White House right? It’s actually where they filmed the television show “West Wing” and this building, called the Daughters of the American Revolution, will be the setting for our party.

Here’s a fun, odd fact: it’s actually an official American historical site that they gave us the special privilege of occupying for our festivities, but, because it’s a historical site, made almost completely of white marble, we’re not allowed to serve any “red” food or drinks. Isn’t that funny? I guess the red coloring could damage the marble… Anyway – I thought that was sorta fun to know – so if you’re attending, come see what “white” options we came up with in terms of food and drink.  Here are the details:

  • Microsoft Learning Partner Reception

  • Monday – July 14, 2014

  • 8:00pm – 11:00pm

  • Daughters of the American Revolution

  • RSVP to:  lexwpcpa@microsoft.com