Psychomagician and Super Sigma Investigate How YOU Can Help Improve Exams: Microsoft Really Does Listen!

Liberty Munson (Microsoft)

Did you know that you can help us improve our certification exams? It’s easy! We have three different ways that you can provide feedback on our exams.

Did you see something that you thought was technically inaccurate, unclear, or had multiple correct answers while you were taking an exam? Let us know through the 1) exam challenge/escalation process or 2) by providing comments when you have the opportunity to do so at the close of your exam.


What did you think about the overall quality of the exam and exam experience? 3) Tell us by completing the Exam Satisfaction Survey!


Curious about how each of these works? Super Sigma and Psychomagician investigate how YOU play a role in improving the quality of our exams and how YOUR feedback is used to drive improvements in existing exams as well as our exam development process! Learn more by watching this video!

  • Jason
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    You face the classic problem here. You can say you respond to feedback all you want, but unless people see change, they don't believe you. Rather than tell us that you value feedback, you would be better served showing us what specific actions have been taken due to feedback.

  • ImmoRhys
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    You don't listen:

    The poor suckers who are sitting MSCE now:

    The Exam Ref page for 70-414, STILL says September 2013 for the book release date (when was that, 8 months ago now?). That joke has been posted on here, on the study groups, and yet nobody has fixed the page?

    You completely ignore exam feedback. Your webpages are out of date, incorrect, missing vital information. You can't publish a decent book within a year of the exam coming out. Your item review process is a joke. Your exam material is pathetically bad, compared to Cisco or VMWare.

  • KevinM
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    FWIW, Amazon shows a release date of August 10, 2014 for the 70-414 Exam Reference from MS Press.  I don't know if that's accurate or if they're just pushing out dates to avoid the embarrassment of saying that it will be available in September of 2013.  Given the reviews that the MS Press 70-413 book received (written by the same author), perhaps it would be a blessing if this book never saw the light of day?

  • lemming69uk
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    Have to agree with ImmoRhys,

    I just passed 70-413 last week by the skin of my teeth thanks to craming the 2012 R2 content from MVA etc. It was pure luck that I'd heard the exam was updated as there is nothing on the exams site to say there has been a change. I totally understand why Microsoft need to keep the exams relevant and up to date and it does help to sell your qualifications but they really need to give people some warning on these updates and release the new study material BEFORE the exam changes!!

    I've got 414 to do now but I'll have to wait until there is more information as I'm confident that studying the current stuff won't get me through it. These exams are difficult enough without expecting people to turn up and answer questions on a load of new stuff they haven't encountered yet. I guarantee VMWare won't randomly drop a load of ESX 5.5 questions into a 5.1 exam. I get that the MCSE is no longer "tied" to a single OS version like the old MCSE 2000/2003 and the idea of it being kept up to date but if changes are delivered like this then people will loose faith and stop certifying! Who wants to spend hundreds of $/£ and time on study materials / courses / exam prep /exam fees to turn up and find themselves totally unprepared!

    We're in the process of trying to get our whole IT team on the certification ladder and it's so disheartening having to tell people that the books and material you've got them isn't enough and I can see it putting some of then off certification.

  • David Elfassy
    | |

    @lemming69uk I suggest you take a look at the Exam Prep sessions presented at TechEd. you will find them on Channel 9. here is the one for 413/414 exams.

    If your entire team is trying to get certified, these are good resources for them to use as part of their lead up to the exam. Good luck!

  • HollyD
    | |

    @ David Elfassy

    Thank you for pointing to the Tech Ed exam prep sessions on Channel 9. To help people prepare for exams 413 and 414 we’re also posting documents on the exam detail pages that will itemize the changes based on the R2 release. The updated exam detail pages will be available in the next week or so.

  • Jason
    | |

    @David @Holly

    The exam prep sessions are oddly titled, as no one could expect a 73 minute video to prepare you for an exam. I think Microsoft should call them exam orientations. The videos do an excellent job of presenting an overview of the exams. They in no way prepare you to pass a test though.

  • Nik Perisa
    | |


    Is there a reason why the document with the changes to the exams is just being released now? The exams with the R2 content has been in circulation for close to two months now and were updated even before the new objectives were made public. Why wasn't there as much lead in time as there was for the MCSA exams when they were updated?

    I failed 413 and then re-sat it a week later and it had R2 content which i then failed again. A lot of people had the same experience.

    Also, there hasn't been much discussion about exams 415/416. Have these been updated as well?

  • dmsaxon
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    Hi Liberty.  @MSLearning suggested I contact you via this blog post (though I've also tried e-mail as this seemed unorthodox).  I submitted two item review challenges yesterday for 70-411, and only received acknowledgement for one.  Is this to be expected?  Thanks, Dave.