I remember going to my very first WPC – or “Fusion,” as it was called back then – and I was working on the Fusion Awards. I had gone to my fair share of tradeshows for Microsoft by then – Windows World Open was my all-time favorite – that tradeshow was HUGE, filled with massive signs, overflowing tables of food, attendees practically crammed into each session room, everyone so eager to learn and hear what’s next. But Fusion was different.

Smartly dressed businessmen and women walking with purpose, holding their briefcases, closing sales on their cellphones. The vibe was different, and the intention of their attendance at Fusion was completely on gaining business knowledge, rather than technical knowledge. The energy was more focused on the end game – and for me, I enjoyed feeling like I was part of their business success.

I loved it immediately – what’s not to love about the Worldwide Partner Conference? Serious planning begins very early for this event here in the Learning Experiences offices. It’s important to us that we listen to our partners, select the right presentation topics, and have good, solid conversations with our partners throughout the week. That results in practically everyone from our team wanting to go to WPC - that’s over 300 people worldwide!

And while we can’t take all 300 of us to DC, I have been chatting with our staff and speakers to find out the number one thing that gets them excited for this year’s WPC – here’s a few of their responses:

  • “I love sharing our plans with partners and learning who is on board and who is not – and who is way out in front of us already.”
  • “I start planning early for the extravagant meals I’ll have with partners throughout the week!”
  • ”I find that it is a great opportunity to network with folks across Microsoft to hear what they’re doing for/with their partners.”
  •  Ok – I just thought of another reason I love WPC:  “I love walking the halls of the convention center and randomly bumping into a partner or Microsoft employee I worked with in a completely different capacity – such a great way to revitalize an old working relationship!”

Want to hear more? Stay tuned over the next several weeks as our speakers tweet about what motivates them to deliver the best information, year over year. They may even leak a bit of information about what they plan to say during their sessions at WPC!


 The Special Edition: Learning Partner Live Meeting has just been rescheduled to June 5.

We will continue to host two Live Meeting sessions on this date. Please register here for one session of your choice. See you online soon!