Be present...

Laura Martelli (Microsoft)

Sometimes we go through life without appreciating all the good things that come our way, so this week I challenge myself to do things differently and to take a moment, to appreciate everything that I’m learning and most importantly to be present. So as you will read, lots of moments, lots of new experiences and new challenges….so let’s start!

We started the week in the Microsoft Conference Center to talk to high school students about us, the students were part of the TEALS program. TEALS (Technology Education And Literacy in Schools) is a grassroots employee driven program that recruits, mentors, and places high tech professionals who are passionate about digital literacy and computer science education into high school classes as part-time teachers in a team teaching model where the school district is unable to meet their students’ computer science (CS) needs on its own. More info about the program can be found here.

This was just such an energizing event and I think, looking back, was my favorite moment of the week. I was extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to talk to the next generation of developers and IT professionals. I met so many smart kids and I had fun with my peers, as you can see below.  


Then, I worked on something I never did before, which is called an RFP. This was good  for many reasons, one is that it means that I got a new project assigned and second, because it is a very collaborative document that we prepare between the Project Manager (Andrew & Me) the Content Developer Manager (Priya) and our lovely Psychometrician (Liberty). In short, this document is the first step in contracting where we describe the project requirements, expectations, and deliverables.

Lastly, we got the chance to celebrate the birthday of one of my peers. You are very familiar with her, we celebrated Liberty Munson, you guess it right! She is so smart and so caring, but what I admire about her the most is her love and passion for her work and it shows in everything she does, from baking to shipping certifications. So I want to ask you something, use the comments and show her your love with a simple shout of Happy Birthday, Liberty!!  


Liberty in our last Microsoft Learning Experience Art Walk!


Anyway, enough with all the ramblings, have a great week and remember to be present!





  • John Deardurff (Regional Lead - USA)

    Happy Birthday Liberty...  Please take some time out of your busy day coming up with trick questions and making exams more difficult and Be Present in your day.

  • Paulschnack
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    Happy Birthday from Australia Liberty - long term MCT loves your blog posts on exams and scoring and the like, good stuff to relate to my students. Keep up the good work!