A Day in the Life... Of a Psychomagician... I Mean Psychometrician

Liberty Munson (Microsoft)

Super Sigma launched our "Day in the Life" series last month, describing what project managers (aka PjMs) do on the exam development team in Microsoft. This month, the super heroes will walk you through what it is that psychometricians (aka psychos--so appropriate on so many levels, especially as you get to know Microsoft's psychometrician!) do at Microsoft every day.

Learn a little bit about Liberty Munson, Microsoft's exam development psychometrician, what psychometrics is, and what psychometricians do every day. How did she become a psychometrician? (I know you want to be one, too! Just a few more years of school and you can be!) What does she love about her job (Hint: You!)? What is the most challenging aspect?

She'll walk you through her primary job responsibilities (i.e., ensuring exams are valid and reliable) and how she uses innovative ideas, statistics, and your feedback to continually improve the exam development process and sustain Microsoft's exams and certifications.

If you don't know what a psychometrician or a "psycho...what now?" is or simply want to learn more about how Microsoft's psychometrician balances your feedback, business realities, and psychometric requirements to create valid and reliable exams, check out this video

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    The video is private and cannot be watched, at least not by me..

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    @JFM :- It is watchable from here at least (not private).