Testing! Attention Please!*

If you’re headed to TechEd NA 2014 next week, be sure and take the time to schedule an MCP exam – don’t forget, they’re 50% all week – that’s the best discount available anywhere in the world. I just checked the pre-registration numbers for the week, and we’ve already got well over 275 seats reserved for testing – an alarming increase from last year where we had only 50+ seats reserved with this much time to spare. Want to ensure you secure the timeslot you want? Try taking your exam early in the week, here’s why: 

  • If you take your exam early - and we start on pre-con Sunday - if you fail (not that you would, you’re amazing!) you can retake it 24 hours later. You wait to take your exam on Thursday and fail, you’re out of luck – we’re done with testing that day. Not to say you can’t take it again someplace else, but you will have to pay full price.

  • Here’s another reason – timeslots will be available. For most folks, they’ll wait until they sort out their sessions schedule, or gain their confidence, or whatever reason, and by then, it’s Wednesday, and slots are full.

  • Want the best reason? If you take your very first exam by Monday, and pass, then you’ll become an MCP, or Microsoft Certified Professional, and you’ll be invited to join the largest Microsoft community (how big you say? Oh, only about 5 million strong worldwide) for our annual party – the MCP Nation Celebration on Monday night!

If there’s any major reason folks shy away from taking exams it’s this one: not feeling prepared. Well, we’ve got a great offer for you. We’ve partnered up with our friends over at Transcender to offer you FREE Practice Tests all week long during TechEd! That’s over a $100 value per practice test, and you can take as many as you want/need! Just come on over to the Hilton across the sky bridge from the convention center on the 3rd floor, walk down the hall a little ways and find us on the left side past the PR rooms (phew! I swear it takes longer to say it than it does to walk it, really), grab a seat inside the Study Hall where we’ve got a ton of computers just waiting for you. Access the practice tests and you’re on your way. It’ll help you assess your abilities first off, and most likely show you that you have what it takes to pass that first exam.

Practice Tests are available for most current Microsoft Certifications. Join the others who already use Transcender, the company that prepares you to pass your IT Certification exam the first time. Transcender provides limitless possibilities with a pass guarantee sure to exceed your expectations. Visit us onsite at TechEd 2014 in the Study Hall. Take the opportunity to meet our content experts and try out our Practice Exams – FREE!

*Did anyone get this reference? It’s from “Without Me” by Eminem. Ok – I guess I’m the only one who found that amusing. Anyway – couldn’t resist. Happy testing!