Join the trainer community for MCT Day 2014 in Houston

Enrique Lima (Regional Lead – United States)

Time has gone by very fast in the last couple of weeks, actually months! Well, here we are, practically the eve of geek prom … I meant to say Microsoft TechEd North America 2014, the Houston Edition! When TENA comes around, we all get in our best possible gear, party mindset, we train for the swag-olympics, we go over the 101 things you can do to be Social at TechEd, and of course all that while preparing our brain for the loads of information we are presented with in the form of sessions, instructor-led labs, and self-paced hands-on labs. Yup, that week is here!

But, I belong to several communities in this geeksphere. I am an MCT, and darn proud of it, this would be my 11th TechEd in the last 12 years. And every single year I remember making it in to the city where the event is at a day earlier than most people do. Why? Well, because we MCTs like to get together, we party, we talk, we sing … but there is one thing we have in our heart, we love to learn together! We collaborate! Enter MCT Day – Houston!

This year we are in Rachel Jones’ hometown, Houston. Rachel and Telmo Sampaio have offered a great leadership to get this going, organized, and get everyone excited. What in the world is MCT Day? It used to be called MCT Day Zero, as in the day before TechEd. If we were to maintain the idea of the day before TechEd, then we would be at minus one … not quite a ring to it. So, anyway, we have kept it at MCT Day, check what we have in store for Saturday, May 10th, 2014 by visiting and by following @mctday on twitter.

What is the goal of MCT Day? The thought process is to have a day for MCTs, by MCTs … but, we also want to GIVE BACK TO THE COMMUNITY as MCTs.

A day for MCTs by MCTs

MCT Day has a focus to help other MCTs fine tune, polish and get information of what other MCTs do when teaching, also a big part is to have representatives from Microsoft’s MSL or other teams within Microsoft to provide a look at roadmap information and also sessions with an added level of technical depth.

Giving back to the Community as MCTs

We are a product of what the community at large has given to the MCTs collectively, friendships, relationships and much more. We, for MCT Day Houston, are teaming up with a non-profit organization to raise funds for homeless shelters. How are we doing this? We have a raffle for an XBOX ONE Day ONE Edition and a Dell Venue Pro 8 64GB (donated by thinkALM) tablet for us to raise funds. This raffle will take place during our event, and the winner must be present to win. Also, during our social event at the end of MCT Day, we will have a mechanical bull riding contest, again the funds from this are also for the non-profit organization helping homeless shelters in the Houston area.

Giving back to the Community as a larger Community of Certified Professionals.

We will be collecting travel sized toiletry items that will be packaged and then distributed to the homeless. This will take place from Sunday until Tuesday noon. Know an MCT? If you do, get in contact with them and we will take your donated items. If you don’t know an MCT but want to participate, tweet @mctday and we will coordinate how to get to you.

Hope to see you all in Houston.

Signing off,

Enrique Lima, Principal Consultant, thinkALM


MCT Since 1996

  • Allan Jacobs
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    Great post Enrique. I cannot believe that MCT Day is only a week away. I know that we will all have a fantastic time. See you all (y'all?) soon.

  • Rachel Jones (MCT Regional Lead - Western US)

    Nice read, Enrique.

    This event is just one example of the many events that Microsoft Certified Trainers (MCT's) can attend. Events are hosted throughout the world!

    We welcome twitter followers: @mctday. However, it may be worth noting that you must be a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) to register for this event!

    If you are interested in learning more about how to become an MCT, here is a link:

  • Mike Corkery
    | |

    Nicely said Enrique! See y'all in Houston.

  • Satha Arumanayagam
    | |

    Help Please... How do I get to publish my work in this site?? I have a wealth of articles to be published in the field of Microsoft Dynamics...

  • Veronica Sopher - Microsoft
    | |

    @Satha - You're welcome to participate in the public forum focused on Dynamics: .  Please note that this is different from the forums within MCT Central , where you can discuss topics of interest to MCTs, such as courseware.