Do you own that ebook? Security and Microsoft Press


If you follow my blog posts you know that I spend a lot of time focusing on securing our exam content to combat cheaters and brain dump sites. But I also cover the training aspect of Microsoft Learning Experiences, and that of course includes Microsoft Press books.

We entered into a new distribution relationship with Pearson Education on April 1. (Read about it here.) You can now purchase Microsoft Press titles at Soon we will have a dedicated Microsoft Press store site, where you can find our Microsoft Press books and ebooks for sale. Later this month, you can also find Microsoft Press titles at

While ebooks distributed by Pearson are DRM*-free, we do watermark them with a purchaser’s name. This associates the ebook with the buyer, creating a unique copy. Buyers are allowed to download the ebook on up to six devices, and if you remove all copies you have from your devices, you can pass along your ebook to a friend. However, you are not allowed to distribute the ebook.  This means you are not allowed to upload it to a file share, put it on a server, or make it available to the public to read.

Nothing about this new relationship changes what I do in terms of security. I work with an outside specialty firm to continually monitor file-sharing, peer-to-peer, torrent, and web sites for unauthorized Microsoft Press content, and we work to remove it. Like many of you savvy authors out there, I also use alerts to notify me when content appears, and when I verify it is not a legitimate source for material, I work with a third party firm to take it down.

I always welcome tips from authors, so if you are an author and you find your book in a place it shouldn’t be, please let me know via the alias below. The take-down process does sometimes take time, but it is one of the most important parts of my security program.

Got a tip for me? Let me know at

*Digital Rights Management, or DRM, has various meanings and definitions, but generally refers to technology implemented to control use of digital content after sale.

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    Great to hear. Had one guy I met at a conference brag that he'd pirated 14 of my books and that I should "write for free" because piracy was great publicity and that he shouldn't have to pay for something he could easily get for free. In the next breath he told me how he got a raise at work by passing exams after studying from the books he'd pirated.

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    Are these PDF eBooks, which I find awkward on devices with smaller screens, or are these available on Kindle or similar formats which are more user friendly?

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    @Dancar - this is Kim Spilker from the Microsoft Press team. Yes, our ebooks are available not only in PDF, but ePub and Mobi (Kindle). If you purchase directly from our store - - you can purchase the ebook option and have all three formats in your account. You can also purchase our ebooks from for the Kindle and from for your Nook.