MCP Success Story: Reggie Benito on Getting Certified at Age 43

Veronica Sopher - Microsoft

It is challenging to meet the demands of work and family life. To add studying on top of everything else? Sometimes that seems like a crazy idea. Maybe you're thinking you already have a good enough job. Maybe you think it's too late for you to start something new. Maybe you're afraid of failing. But what if? Well, one 43-year-old Senior DBA overcame these objections in his own head and went for it. Find out what has happened since earning his MCSA SQL Server 2012.

Here's Reggie's success story, in his own words:

 Good day! My name is Rederick C. Benito, 43 years of age and a Senior Database Administrator from Manila, Philippines. I would like to share my certification journey with you. I have been introduced to SQL Server since it was on ver. 7 and have used all of the next generations of SQL Server ever since. Previously, I have already been asked by my colleagues to get certified but am afraid back then that I may fail. So I thought of getting the experience first and I indeed ended up with the SQL Server experience I need but with it I already set aside any certification aspiration. To cut the story short, just last year, I have been asked by my company if I'd like to get certified. Although hesitant at first, I thought to myself that if my young colleagues can pass the certification exams, why shouldn't I? So, I signed up for the 70-432 certification exam and read books that would help me pass this exam and so it did. Afterwards, I took it as a personal challenge to get the latest exams and am now a proud MCSA for SQL Server 2012. I wouldn't have done it without the patience of my wife and kids who had to share my review nights as they try to sleep with the lights on as I read Microsoft Press Training Kit books. I would also like to thank Microsoft for giving away discounts on these certification exams as it really helped me a lot. What's exciting about all this is that I have been receiving calls from other companies offering me opportunities which I haven't experienced before and I have now moved to another role within the company where I can definitely use my SQL expertise. Now, being more passionate to share SQL Server to my peers, I'm looking forward to achieve my MCT before the year ends! This has definitely been a great journey for me! Now who says getting certified needs to have an age limit? Definitely not for me!

Congratulations, Reggie, on your certification title and career achievements!

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  • Angella
    | |

    Congratulations Rederick!  I'm on the challenge now, it is encouraging to hear your story, thanks for sharing it.

  • John Deardurff (Regional Lead - USA)

    Congrats. Very encouraging story. Thank you for sharing your success with us.

  • Michael Smith
    | |

    Very encouraging, thanks!

  • Karen Juhl
    | |

    Thank you for sharing your story Redrick and a BIG congratulations on your achievement.  It is really exciting to hear how you faced your fears head on and were successful at obtaining your MCSA!  It would be great to have someone like you become a MCT as I am confident you could inspire students with your passion for SQL Server and your experience of pursuing and obtaining your MCSA.  I look forward to having you become a MCT!

  • EspiOne
    | |

    I have to give him a lot of credit, I am currently struggling with same issue.  Stuck in lower pay grade, waiting 2 year for a step increase.  Fully OS Certified, struggling to get Server Certified, with family and work, study time is limited to 1 to 2 hours in the morning and 1 to 2 hours after work.  Good Job and good luck on furthering your career.

    Congratulations Rederick!

  • Néstor Reverón MCSE Server Infra and Private Clou

    Excelente mi amigo! Felicidades. Very nice gr8!

  • LaryssaW
    | |

    Congratulations Rederick!!! Thanks for sharing your story.  I am in the 40-club as well and changed careers from Accounting to Database.  I am currently a data analyst and feel in love with SQL while taking technical training courses.  Your story is inspiring because many feel "you can't teach an old dog new tricks" but I feel differently.  I am on the MSCA cert path myself and can't wait to earn the certification and share my story as well!  Congrats!

  • AndrewGB
    | |

    Very inspiring.

    A lot of people around our age do go through the same thing and it's hard once you have a family etc..

    Well done

  • Mahmoud Hanafi
    | |

    Congratulations  Reggie :)

  • Massimo Gilotti
    | |

    Congratulations Reggie, I'm 44 years old and this year I get certified Microsoft Office Specialist 2010 Master and I have to pass 70-646 exm (probably in July) to become MCSA on Windows Server 2008 R2 (7 certifications in one year)....after 20 years of work is a big satisfaction for me too

  • Алексей Ракчеев
    | |

    Grats! Nice to hear that certification in your country is so useful for job opportunities.

    Looks like here in Russia all these MCSA and MCSE and  other certifications are necessary even for working as a lowest support line... For example company looks for a person who will "change a printer cartridges", the necessary requirement is: ta-daaa at least MCSA in Server and Client, best if he have MCSE grade. A little bit weird situation :)

  • e2efd4f9-2a89-44bd-bae8-a0bfa2a2a655

    Very encouraging indeed!

    Thanks for sharing how you were able to successfully set a goal and overcome the internal and external obstacles before you.

    Has inspired me to set new career goals.

  • 06280565-d418-4dd6-903b-46dae5fd63b9

    Let me make it clear that I take nothing away from Rederick's achievements - I know it's not easy balancing life with study.  Congrats to him.

    However, I do have an issue with Veronica's title.  I first got my MCSE @ 48 or 49 & @ 61 am still actively working & learning.  I am not an exception!  I know many software developers & network folks in their 60's & 70's.  Veronica, believe it or not, people over 30 (gasp - even over 40!) can still learn things & even possibly contribute to society.

  • Veronica Sopher - Microsoft
    | |

    @Garrett - Thanks for your comment. The title is Reggie's. The story was shared verbatim, via the MCP Success Story gallery.

  • 994f96c5-f230-4d39-a23c-e24f83dd5172

    Congrats Reggie!

    I'm 41 and in the same club -  just completed MCSE: Data Platform - just passionate about SQL- certification  keeps you abreast of latest technology.

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