#MCPBuilt App Review: PowerShell Hub (Windows Phone 8)

Veronica Sopher - Microsoft

 Earlier this month, we asked you, the MCP community, to tell us about apps you’ve created, and how training and certification has benefited your development skills. Over the next few weeks, we’ll spotlight some of the submitted apps in the MCP newsletter, on the Born to Community, and here—the first in a series of #MCPBuilt app reviews by Microsoft Certified Trainers (MCTs).

Today’s featured reviewer is MCT Matt Griffin, TechEd alum, member of #theKrewe, and upcoming presenter at the PowerShell Summit North America 2014 in Bellevue, WA on April 28-30. Matt shares his review of the PowerShell Hub app for Windows Phone 8, authored by MCP Wayne Hoggett. Take it away, Matt!

 The “PowerShell Hub” app for Windows Phone 8 delivers the majority of the PowerShell help documentation on your mobile device. While reviewing this app, I considered its usefulness, design, and accuracy. My initial reaction was that the app may be unnecessary, as all of the documentation is accessible via the Get-Help cmdlet. After some reflection, I came to the realization that there are advantages to a mobile solution like this.  It can be useful while working with an offline machine or if you are quizzing yourself offline to memorize your PowerShell cmdlets. This app also becomes an easy reference to the differences between the various PowerShell versions.

 I focused next on the application’s design. This is where the application excels.  The app makes it very easy to switch between different PowerShell versions, scrolling through the cmdlets and performing searches. I would like to see additional details in the help documentation would be helpful.

 Finally I considered the accuracy of the information delivered. This app provides an extensive list of cmdlets and the documentation appears to be valid; however there are some missing cmdlets (such as Install-WindowsFeature).

 Overall the application has some great information and an easy to use interface. I would recommend this to users trying to learn PowerShell when they are away from a computer.

 Thanks for submitting your app, Wayne! Be sure to check out PowerShell Hub at the Windows Phone app store.


App creator:

Wayne Hoggett,Australia


Blog: http://www.waynehoggett.com/

  • Wayne Hoggett
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    Thanks Veronica and Matt! Great feedback.

  • Wayne Hoggett
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    The issues presented in this review have been corrected in an updated version of the App. Thanks again for the feedback.