Meet Your MCT Ambassadors at TechEd NA 2014

Veronica Sopher - Microsoft

We are excited to introduce your MCT Ambassadors at TechEd North America 2014! For those who have visited our booth or taken exams at various conferences, you've most likely met with MCT Ambassadors. They are a group of Microsoft Certified Trainers who work with our team to help you identify certification paths and training resources that will get you to your next career goal. MCT Ambassadors vary by event and year, and there are many other MCTs working around TechEd all week: hands-on labs, product team booths, leading sessions, etc. MCTs are a very important part of Microsoft events, and we're especially grateful for those who choose to serve as Ambassadors each year.

Here they are, in alphabetical order by first name:

Alfred Ojukwu

Armando Lacerda

Bob Reinsch

boB Taylor

Chris Rhodes

Chris Ross

Christopher Harrison

Dean Murray

Gordon Ryan

Heather Fitzpatrick

Jasper Kraak

Kenold Pierre-Louis

Neal McFee

Paige Rodgers

Peter De Tender

Remko de Boer

Ryan Sokolowski

Sidney Andrews

Wayne McGlinn


To help you get to know them a bit before getting to Houston, we asked them a few questions:

What is your favorite Microsoft technology right now?

  • Christopher: MVC
  • Peter: I love all Microsoft infrastructure products.
  • Jasper: Office 365
  • Chris: Hyper-V, followed by Windows Phone - I'm waiting for you Cortana!
  • Heather: OneNote
  • Neal: The combination of the Azure Pack, System Center 2012 R2 and Hyper-V.
  • Armando: SQL Server and SharePoint
  • Sidney: Cloud Business Apps (LightSwitch). 

Stickers on your laptop or tablet: yes or no?

  • Peter: Yes! My Surface Pro is tattooed with a large Seattle Seahawks sticker. I also have MVP and MCT logo stickers.
  • Heather: Yes. E=MCT and Patch & Switch.
  • Sidney: Yes to stickers!  My favorite is my own company’s sticker. I encourage anyone who’s forming a startup to print your own stickers at a print shop and put it on your laptop. Speak at your local user group and you now have a little brand recognition!
  • Jasper: No! No! No!
  • Neal: The black oval E=MCT sticker from the welcome pack I received my first year as an MCT.
  • Chris: For the first week after I got the laptop - no. After the fingerprints were showing, yes! I have a Windows Server 2012, MVP and of course my MCT sticker slap bang in the center!
  • Armando: Yes, 2 of them: “Not of this world (Jesus)” and "I  <3 my wife." Sorry, no technical/geek sticker :)

If you had to bring one back today: Clippy or Rover?

  • Sidney: Who's Rover? I faintly remember Clippy but he did help me write a paper ONCE.
  • Heather: Rover. Clippy just made an appearance on April 1. Rover seems to be the underdog.
  • Armando: Rover, totally!

If all your home appliances and vehicles had one voice: Siri or Cortana?

  • Christopher: Morgan Freeman
  • Sidney: Halo: Combat Evolved was released during my freshman year of high school, I grew up with Cortana’s voice! Easy choice.
  • Jasper: Cortana (as long as it has a shut-up button)
  • Heather: Who's Siri?

We're all looking forward to seeing you in Houston in May 2014. Don't forget, you can pre-register for onsite certification exams now, add exam prep sessions to your schedule builder, and get yourself to the MCP party!

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    Great Team! I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone in Houston this year.

  • Dave Franklyn Regional Lead Eastern USA

    At my very first TechEd in Boston back in 2006 I was befriended by the MCT Ambassadors and found out how great this group is.  The very next year I got to be one!  The group you have this year is an outstanding bunch who will go the extra mile to make your TechEd experience--especially and if I may say so, most importantly--in regards to certification perfect!  

    If you are going to TechEd, you simply must see these folks and take advantage of them, along with the certification exam half price to attendees!  There are no similar experiences anywhere.  The best way to pass an exam!

  • Paul Osiaje
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    I am going to miss this year's TechEd, I may need to send a special request to Veronica.

    Everyone, please get us posted on all activities.

    Thanks to all