Microsoft Test Fest on Campus - What a day!

Laura Martelli (Microsoft)

Not that long ago Veronica in her blog post Do Microsoft Employees Get Certified? talked about a Test Fest happening on our Redmond campus, so I decided to be part of it.


Now, I’m not technical like most of you are so I went for an MOS PowerPoint 2013 certification. But before I go on, I need to confess to you my guilty pleasure: I LOVE LOVE LOVE PowerPoint. I would use it for EVERYTHING. I get it,  you probably are one of those haters that think some people misuse PowePoint, but let me tell you are wrong. PowerPoint in fact can be used for everything and cannot do any wrong in my eyes. And, YES I’m using CAPS because my love for PP (aka PowerPoint) is that BIG and I need to convey the emotion. Smile


Below is my Test Fest day diary:

8.50 am – Arrived to Building 40  @ the Redmond Campus

8.55 am – Got some coffee, I cannot start my day without it . How cool is that we have a certified Brew Master?? Smile

9.00 am – Found the classroom and  I started the test

10.30 – Seriously, I failed???? WHAAAAAT? Are you kidding me?? (freak out voice insert here, CAPS are a MUST here too)

…I had meetings that day and I needed to leave. So I promise myself I would return and  I did. Thankfully, I can say that I passed but it wasn’t simple as I thought it would be, it was challenging and nerve wracking but I feel great about it.

Anyway, this was a great opportunity that lovely Wendy coordinated for us so picture of her is necessary. Thank you Wendy, for your patience and kindness!

Cheerios and talk to you soon!


  • Wendy Johnson (MSL)
    | |

    You were SO determined Laura! It was a fun event - thank you for documenting your experience! :)

  • Erno
    | |

    Isn't it illegal to bring a phone into a test room?

  • Albert Jeremy (Regional Lead - Indonesia)

    No it's not as long assisted or under supervision from the test admin.

    The test admin also need to take a certification and there's an exam too, to be qualified for administering the testing center.

    But from other perspective, I agree with you, to reduce the bias on the rule, at least no one should take a picture of the screen.

    A picture from the printed result would be enough :).

    @Laura:Glad to hear the story, maybe you can share things you like with PowerPoint?

  • Laura Martelli (Microsoft)
    | |

    Hi Erno!

    On this case and for blogging purposes, I was authorized by Wendy who was the test admin.

    Thank you for your feedback!


  • Laura Martelli (Microsoft)
    | |

    @Albert Jeremy: thank you for your clarification. My intent was to keep it real, but I appreciate your feedback and point of view. I think power point is a very versatile tool, that's what I like the most. Let me know if you want me to share any specifics! Laura

  • Mike Corkery
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    Sounds awesome! Those Office exams are not trivial. You can certainly NOT "game" the system. If you cannot complete the task, you cannot pass. Nicely done!

  • Veronica Sopher - Microsoft
    | |

    Congrats on passing the exam, Laura!

    I love your blog posts. They give me a peek into so much behind-the-scenes stuff. Can't wait for your next one!

  • John Deardurff (Regional Lead - USA)

    As a man who has taken a few exams.... Your first mistake was the coffee. As my co-workers say. What do you call a person who passes an exam? We call them Certified. Great job.

  • Byron Middleton
    | |

    Well done.  It's surprising how hard the 2013 Mos Exams are (I'm still plodding away at them myself). I'm always amused when I take the MOS exams as I go in full of confidence and at the end, I usually look shell shocked and drained.  Your reaction says it all "Seriously, I failed???? WHAAAAAT? Are you kidding me??"

    The test fest wasn't what I envisioned.  I think that I was expecting a large hall filled with people and a queue outside.  I'll be looking out for a test Fest now in the U.K. as it sounds like a good day out.

    From the perspective of having phones in exams, I personally think that was an error in judgement (Post scanned results and not screenshots).  From my experience of taking exams, I have to empty my pockets, remove watches etc and if I want to unzip jacket \ remove cardigan etc, I must either do it before the exam or else it has to be placed away  from my desk.

    But, lets not get too hung up on that.  I admire anyone who manages to pass these exams as I rate them extremely highly.

    Well done