I'm in! Join me in the Certification Challenge and become an MCP

Leann Turpin (Microsoft)

Hey, Everybody! I'm Leann Turpin and I'm the Site Manager here on Born to Learn.
Spring has finally sprung and new opportunities are sprouting up all over the place. Here in Redmond, we've transitioned from the rainy Winter season to the rainy Spring season - which really just means instead of socks and sandals, socks are optional (c'mon, I know everyone outside of the Pacific Northwest thinks that's how we really walk around every day).

In the spirit of all things Spring, besides running the Born to Learn site and raising my four kids, I've joined many of you in the Certification Challenge and will be pursuing my MCSD certification! Some of you may be wondering why I'd bother since I obviously already have a great gig at Microsoft. Others of you may be re-reading what you just read, and wonder how in the world I'm going to find the time to do it with a job and those four kids I mentioned. Well, that's what's completely awesome about the Certification Challenge. I can start when I'm ready (which just happens to be now) and take advantage of all the resources offered along with the amazing peer support from the community to keep me on track!

So, why bother?

I started my career at Microsoft when I was quite young (more years ago than I think is proper to discuss). You could say that everything I learned about technology, I learned from Microsoft. Throughout the course of my career here, I've held many roles and each came with their own challenges and learning opportunities. Microsoft really does foster an environment for learning new technologies and skills and using them daily. I have to be candid though, and say that early in my career I thought just doing the job every day should be enough to demonstrate my proficiency (I am an employee after all, and I do use Microsoft products daily). For some, that may ring true, but in today's ever changing career landscape, as a woman in technology and an employee who is surrounded by highly skilled and capable peers, I've been looking for a way to differentiate myself and I think certification is just the ticket. I'm going to boost my own personal brand by partnering my broad career experience with the deep technical skills that an MCSD certification offers. And hey, who doesn't want to join the app revolution? 

What about you? If you're thinking about certification now, what is your personal "why'?

Can I balance everything?

I've been thinking about pursuing certification for quite some time and like many working parents, I just wasn't sure how in the world I'd squeeze it all in. It all seems so BIG doesn't it? So, I waited. And waited.
Today, although I'm committed to my goal, I still don't have that answer. What I do have is a plan. I took the time to download the certification roadmap and chose my cert path. I know where my mileposts are and I've set my goal. I have a great community and a pool of study group resources and Microsoft Virtual Academy training to draw from, and although I have NO IDEA what to expect from the process yet, I'm just going to take them one exam at a time and go for it!
Will I take practice exams? Will I take classroom training from a Microsoft Learning Partner? Will I go it completely on my own? Okay, so maybe my plan is missing a few details, but I'll be checking in along the way to share updates about my progress and my experiences with you. I'll share what works for me, and maybe it will help you, too.

Your turn! Are you in?

I'm excited that there are thousands of you who are already participating in the Certification Challenge and I am encouraged beyond belief when I see you posting about your successes in the forums or sharing your story on the MCP Story Wall. If you haven't joined, join today! You decide on your timeline. You decide on your path. We'll all work together to achieve our goals.

  • Davin Mickelson
    | |

    Very cool - good luck, Leann!

  • 2dde657b-a9cf-409b-b36b-4e2de98f5f22

    I'm right behind u

  • 22c2b2fb-aa37-4033-8738-a9f035a2f1c5

    Hello! Is there a challenge for MC Word, PowerPoint, Access, and Excel? I need to know ASAP.

    Please and thank you.

  • Dean
    | |

    Please add a study group for the Service category (i.e, Office 365)

  • Mike Corkery
    | |

    Hi Leanne,

    I am an MCSD already. Please let me know how I can help you achieve your goal!

  • Leann Turpin (Microsoft)
    | |

    @roxechariah: Check out the MOS World Championship event. It may be just what you're looking for! www.certiport.com/.../home.html

  • Melissa Bathum
    | |

    Leann totally rocks. I get to come to work everyday and work with this amazing woman who always blows me away with stuff she does around here - now she's going to be an app developer? What? I'm always so envious and proud of people who wake up every day and say "what's next?" I've gone to Microsoft tradeshows for 17 years now and constantly get to talk to people who are just like this. MCPs - you inspire me.

  • John Deardurff (Regional Lead - USA)

    How inspired are you Melissa? Inspired enough to take the Certification Challenge?