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Veronica Sopher - Microsoft

We want to highlight the work of Microsoft Certified Professionals. I want to hear from you about your experience stepping through exam objectives to learn your framework, and how that process has helped you identify skills gaps and do better work. More importantly, we want to feature your success. So, if you are a Microsoft Certified Professional and have built an app you're proud of, now is the time and this is the place to brag about it.

In the following weeks, I will select my favorite apps to promote in the MCP newsletter and via social media. (Yes, free marketing opportunities for your app!) I'll be trying out your app on my Surface or Windows Phone, and I'll invite an MCT to review your app, too.

If you want to be featured, I will need to verify your MCPness. (Yes, I made up that word for us.) Please include the following info in your comment below:

  1. Your name:
  2. MC ID number (or link to transcript):
  3. Most recent Microsoft certification achieved:
  4. Your app's name:
  5. Link to download your app:
  6. What does the app do? Why did you make it?
  7. How has being a Microsoft Certified Professional helped you create better apps?

P.S. If you haven't started your Microsoft certification journey, now is a good time to set a goal by joining the Certification Challenge.

  • Ognian Chernokojev
    | |

    I am on the track on getting MCSD. Already took 70-483, now preparing for 70-484 then 70-485. My MCP ID is 2546583

    I have an unique, although a bit niche application in both Windows Store and Windows Phone Store: Humbrol Paint Converter:

  • Hafiz Faraz Mukhtar
    | |

    how do i make a blog post here is this group? I want to teach other people out there.

  • Sil Roman
    | |

    HI! Mi name is Silvina Romanczuk, from Argentina. I am Starting developing Windows Phone Apps. I am MCP ( ID:6194267)

    It would be wonderful if you can promote our Apps!

    I send the link:

    and for US:


    Let me know if you decide to promote them, I will start publishing more apps.


  • Deepak Thirunavukkarasu
    | |


    This is Deepak from India.  I've completed the first exam (70-480) for MCSD and am waiting for the update in the syllabus to take the next exam.

    MCP ID - 9691153

    During my preparation for the first exam, I developed a web app for the popular board game Reversi (or Othello).  Its only a turn based game but it uses Websockets to connect two human players in real time regardless of the device they use.  The app also features a very basic chat functionality for LIVE games and is hosted in Azure.

    Link to App -

    I've started development work on the next game.

  • GC
    | |

    I am on my way to MCP.  Here is my app:

  • Josip Medved
    | |

    I am MCPD (2987712) and among applications I built there is VHD Attach (, a simple utility for attaching/detaching virtual disks that enables you to get them running during system startup.

  • Sil Roman
    | |

    Hi, Silvina Romanczuk here. I posted a comment few days ago, but I have published one more app and I will be publishing next days. I send my pushisher link in the Store: (I publised in 90 countries!)

    You can find all of them:

    Publisher Key: Rgiorda


  • Sil Roman
    | |

    Silvina romanczuk MCP ID:6194267!!!!

  • Erik Hoeksma
    | |

    HI Veronica,

    I see you are only mentioning Windows (Phone) apps. How about apps for Office 365? I'm the proud freator of an app for SharePoint (yes, its in the office store) and I'd like to apply here :)

  • Veronica Sopher - Microsoft
    | |

    @Erik - Yes, of course, we love SharePoint, too. :)

  • Alex
    | |

    @AlexSorokoletov (me) MCP ID 6053073 and @AlexeyStrakh MCP ID 5444010 and @Dan4a MCP ID 6129576  and our app is

  • Veronica Sopher - Microsoft
    | |

    @Rgioda - Please tell me about one app you're most proud of. I'm not going to search the store and try all your apps.

  • Wayne Hoggett
    | |

    1. Wayne Hoggett

    2. 5723037

    3.MCITP: Enterprise Messaging Administrator on Exchange 2010

    4. PowerShell Hub

    6. This app is a cmdlet reference for Windows PowerShell versions 1-4. I made the app because I wanted to have a complete reference to Windows PowerShell on my Windows Phone.

    7.How has being a Microsoft Certified Professional helped you create better apps? Being a Microsoft certified professional has helped me create apps because it teaches you to persist until you achieve your goal. I do not have any developer certifications, but even I was able to make a Windows Phone App.

  • Ankit Mohanty
    | |

    Name: Ankit Mohanty

    MC ID :10159096

    Most recent Certificate: MTA in .NET Fundamentals (Exam 98-372)

    App's name: ABC Wonderland

    App Link:

    What does my app do: This app was made to leverage the touch functionality of Windows tablet. This app uses handwriting recognition to enable the kids learn the alphabets in a playful UI. This app checks the spelling of the objects shown for each alphabet and thus makes the work of parents more productive by owning a windows 8 device.

    How being a MCP helped:  MCP certification was my entry point into development. I cleared my .NET exam and in the process learnt about the runtime and the various methodologies of building desktop applications. I used this knowledge in understanding Windows RT and hence the various API's that make the work of a developer a lot more easier.

  • Christophe Peugnet
    | |

    Hello! My name is Christophe Peugnet, I live in France.

    I am MCP ( ID:10162126)

    My app is Troll Face Photo, It allows to add some troll face on photos

    The certification has me giving the rigor in the way of developed and also choose good controls according to the desired uses

    Thank you


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