Announcing a New Way to Add Microsoft Certifications to Your LinkedIn Profile

Carrie Francey (Microsoft)

If you’re career-focused, you’re probably maintaining an active profile on LinkedIn—the world’s largest professional network. It is essential for building and engaging with relationships that land your next job…or a new career.

I’m very excited to  announce that we have teamed up with LinkedIn to make it easier for you to add your Microsoft Certification credentials to your LinkedIn Profile.

After earning a certification, you’ll receive an email from Microsoft with a link that presents you with a profile update form with an automatically populated certification field, complete with the details of the certification you just completed. Simply click “Save,” and the certification will be added to your LinkedIn Profile.

To ensure you receive reminders, make sure you are using the same email address for both LinkedIn and your MCP profile, and confirm in your MCP profile settings that you’re opted in for promotional emails. That way, you’ll never miss out on an opportunity to get recognized for your Microsoft certifications.

Don’t want to wait for your first reminder? Add a certification today!

Don’t forget you can add new or recent certifications to your profile at any time—it takes just a few minutes. Here’s how:

  1. Sign in to your LinkedIn profile.
  2. Move your cursor over Profile at the top of your homepage and select Edit Profile.
  3. If you've never added a certification before, click Certifications on the right side of the page. If you've previously added a certificate, scroll down to the Certifications section and click +Add.
  4. Type in your certification information. A menu displaying companies will appear as you type in the Certification Authority field. Be sure to select the correct authority from the menu so their logo appears next to the certification on your profile.
  5. Click Save.

Keep an eye in your inbox for reminder emails!

 As Senior Director of the Sales, Marketing & Programs team within Microsoft Learning Experiences (formally MSL), Carrie Francey oversees worldwide sales, marketing and programs for Microsoft’s Learning Experiences team, responsible for building Microsoft’s reach with learning partners & customers. 

  • Luigi Bruno
    | |

    Good idea!

  • Ioannis Chaidoulis - Regional Lead - Greece

    This is good for those that had never involved with their LinkedIn profile before seriously! But i think it is a good idea indeed.

  • brent_morris_rtp
    | |

    Thanks - I Just Updated - However, while I can "see" the logo when I view my own page - It looks like that "non-contacted" version of the page simply does NOT support logos - See for Yourself. --

  • Larry Kaye
    | |


    I just followed the provided link and saw the Microsoft logo next to each of your 6 Office 2007 certifications.  Is this a different result than what you are seeing?

    Larry Kaye

    Senior Product Manager - Certification

    Microsoft Learning Experiences

  • Shahed C
    | |

    I also wanted to add: if you want to edit an existing entry to show the logo, simply click Edit and Type over the Certification Authority text that you already have.

    For example, if it says "Microsoft" for your exam's Certificate Authority, select your text and start typing "Microsoft" over it, which should allow you to select the logo from the dropdown.

    Now, the logo should also appear in your LinkedIn profile, even though the Certification Authority appears unchanged.

  • John Breakwell
    | |

    "Type in your certification information"? Seriously? Can't you add a feature to just suck in the data from my online MCP transcript instead?

  • Veronica Sopher - Microsoft
    | |

    @John - The instructions are for those who wish to add their certifications to their LinkedIn profiles manually, in case they haven't received the emails or just don't want to wait for the reminders.

  • Mehdi HAMMADI (Regioanal Lead - Algeria)


    Good idea, shame that I had to do a manual update of all certifications already entered because even if I have wrote "Microsoft" in "Certification Authority" logo does not appear automatically, it has me had to re-enter and select "Microsoft" from the list. But it's done now and all is ok.

    Have a nice day

  • Thabang Moshoe
    | |

    That's great news

  • Vinod Bhatt
    | |

    want to pursue  MCSA SQ L  help me

  • Néstor Reverón MCSE Server Infra and Private Clou

    Ready! Excellent

  • bzajac
    | |

    Since I have not received any such email from Microsoft I would like to know what to enter for Certificate Authority, is it Prometric or Microsoft, What do i enter for license number and certification URL. I guess since this is my first Cert I would just like some clarification.



  • Veronica Sopher - Microsoft
    | |

    @Brett - Congrats on earing your first Microsoft certification!

    Please select Microsoft as the certificate authority.

    You may choose to enter your MC ID in the license number field but that is completely optional.

    The certificate URL field is where you can enter a page link from , corresponding to the particular certification title you just earned; this helps a potential employer or recruiter understand your knowledge and capabilities. This is also optional.

    Hope this helps!

  • Siraj Shaik
    | |

    Very nice.. Really worth, Yeah I did this more than a year ago..

  • Siraj Shaik
    | |

    Very nice.. Really worth, Yeah, take a look at my profile on LinkedIn. I added my certifications more than a year ago, later last year July 2013 while updating my profile found this interesting feature. Being practical & with logical approach workout things. Now my profile looks great.

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