So, in my last blog post I chatted about my last project task and it had to do with an Item Selection Meeting and how we used Subject Matter Experts (SME). So I thought it was cool to write a series on this. Today, I will talk to you about how to become an SME and after a little bit of research I found the answer. The next blog post is going to be about an SME’s side of the story.

Microsoft Learning works with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) from around the world to develop the content in our exams and other products

So in short, How do I become an SME? As easy as 2 steps….

 Caught an Xbox developer in action

Go to the Microsoft Connect Site  to read all the info and register.



 Selfie of yours truly

Fill out the Microsoft Learning SME Profile .  We'll contact you about opportunities that match the skills and experience in your profile, such as blueprinting or beta exams. As you gain new experience and skills, or as new versions of products come out, you'll need to update your profile by editing your survey responses.


(Note: You will need to sign in with you Microsoft account and register on Connect before you can access the survey.)


Remember that a lot of  good things come from participating, one of them is that SMEs who help create exam content can get credit, Liberty (our Psychometrician) blog about it a couple of months ago.

Talk to you soon!