Super Sigma and Psychomagician Make a Splash at Innovations In Testing Conference

Liberty Munson (Microsoft)

The Association for Test Publishers hosted their annual "Innovations in Testing" conference during the first week of March. This conference is a great opportunity to network with others in the assessment industry, learn what challenges other certification programs are facing and how they are solving them, and to share our own best practices so that others may learn from what we're doing. Microsoft had a strong presence at this conference, presenting 8 sessions covering topics ranging from performance based testing to psychometrics to security to evangelism.

This is a great conference that I look forward to attending every year; it is a jam packed (read exhausting) 2 1/2 days, starting at 7am and running to the wee hours of the morning (you all know how conferences work!). Nonstop learning! I got a few nuggets that I plan to explore to determine if and how we might implement them in Microsoft's certification program. Look for a future blog from me on some of these ideas...

One of my favorite sessions this year was the Innovative Showcase that Briana and I put together detailing Microsoft Learning Experiences efforts to engage our community through our evangelism efforts. This idea is a new one for many certification and testing programs! Everyone who visited us was impressed with what we are doing and asked many questions about how they could leverage these ideas in their own organizations. We had a great time talking to people about what we're doing and why. The most commonly asked questions were:

  • Is this your full time job? (answer: no)
  • Why are you doing this? (answer: we want to engage with our candidates, provide them with information they need to be successful in their certification efforts in a fun and informative way, and to make a connection with you!)
  • Has it been effective? (answer: we don't know yet because we're still trying to identify the "right" metrics to make this determination)

It was a great event showcasing Microsoft's innovative approaches to community engagement that was well received by the testing community! Thanks for being a part of this effort and making us great!

  • Jason
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    If you measure engagement based on all types of feedback, then I would say you have been very successful.

  • Davin Mickelson
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    I am very curious what ideas you learned. I am looking forward to that blog post.