My Certification Journey - Episode 2

Larry Kaye

Thanks for tuning in for another installment of my personal pursuit of the coveted MCSD: Windows Store Apps credential.

Riding the wave of euphoria from passing Exam 70-483: Programming in C# on 31-Jan, I immediately created my study plan for Exam 70-484: Essentials of Developing Windows Store Apps Using C#:

  1. Watch the videos for the Windows Store App Development Essentials with C# Refresh Jump Start.
  2. Read Exam Ref 70-484: Essentials of Developing Windows Store Apps Using C#
  3. Review MSDN articles related to Windows 8.1 changes in app development.  (A good starting set of links is provided at the end of each exam objective in the Skills Measured section of the exam web page)

I was really looking forward to taking this exam because it emphasized practical application of my programming skills. 

I was able to squeeze in my studies in just over a month and, on 10-March, took the exam.  It was a challenging exam, really testing how to fit all the capabilities together into complete applications. 

When I emerged from the test center a few hours later, I had missed a passing score by just a few questions, but, I have to tell you, I didn't feel defeated:

  1. I really had enjoyed the exam, approaching it as a puzzle to be solved, not as a burden.
  2. I came out of the exam with a clear picture on how to fine-tune my studies, focusing on a few key areas.

I spent the next two days going over the Exam Ref guide again, making sure I understood all of the example code.  When I sat for the exam again on 12-March, I emerged victorious.

I'm happy to say that I'm now only one exam away from my goal of earning the MCSD credential.  I hope that all of you are making progress on your respective learning paths and would love to hear your stories.

  • Rogerio Prudente
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    Congratulations! Sometimes the first exam is like a "simulation" to which you get your "photon torpedoes" calibrated.

  • Davin Mickelson
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    Great job! When I just failed the MVC exam last year, I was smiling when I drove home because I knew I was so close to passing it. Just a little sharpening of the axe and I passed it on the next attempt. Exams are like lottery tickets; you can't pass them if you don't try!

  • Larry Kaye
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    @Rogerio - Thanks and nice analogy.  Thank goodness that the case studies didn't include "Kobayashi Maru". ;-)

    @Davin - Thanks.  Yeah, it's the craziest thing - that sense of exhilaration on missing only a few questions really helped me power through a second round of study.