Do Microsoft Employees Get Certified?

Veronica Sopher - Microsoft

Microsoft is very supportive of employees' professional development, and that includes the pursuit of Microsoft certification.


Regular readers of our blog recently heard from Larry Kaye about his journey toward MCSD. Larry's day job is to manage the certification portfolios related to software development and SQL Server. Check out his blog post, and ask questions in the developer certification study group.


In January 2014, Microsoft employees from around the world attended an internal training conference called TechReady. Microsoft Learning team was there to provide certification path information, deliver exam prep sessions, and offer onsite testing. This year, attendees took 753 exams to help them demonstrate technical readiness.


Those who work around Microsoft technologies are always sharpening their skills, too. Brad Groux, a Microsoft Premier Engineer in Houston, Texas, recently started a new series on his own blog: "How to Become a Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer." Brad is going after MCSD: Windows Store Apps, starting with HTML5 and then moving onto C#. You can read part 1 of his blog series here and follow him on Twitter @BradGroux. (Update: Brad has published part 2 of this series.)


Coming up in March 2014, Microsoft Learning will be hosting a Test Fest for Microsoft employees on campus, offering the opportunity to take Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) and Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) exams onsite. (If you’re a Microsoft employee in the Redmond, Washington vicinity, you can take these exams on campus from March 24 to 28, 2014. For details and to schedule your exams, please visit .)


These are just a few examples of the passion and dedication to ongoing training and certification among the thousands who work at Microsoft. Most of the time, you hear me talk about the value of certification here, and I wanted to tell you about these examples today so you know there are Microsoft people who know and demonstrate that value on a daily basis. In fact, some of them are doing the certification challenge now. Join them today!


Need help figuring out where to start? Download the Microsoft Training and Certification Guide onto your Windows 8 or RT device today.


Editor's Note: This post originally appeared in the Certification Challenge blog and the MCP newsletter in February 2014.

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    Nice blog! Good to know lots of learning and certification are ongoing!

  • gerard.dumazet
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    I was hired during 7 years as Technical Account Manager (2006-2014) depending of the Microsoft PREMIER support. Working previously as consultant and trainer with 53 certifications passed in 12 years most of them recent acquired I thought that I could deliver workshops or training to the clients and keep my skills active. It has not been the case at all. To deliver at this level if you are not a PFE (PREMIER FIELD ENGINERING) or MCS (Microsoft Consulting Services) you are just able to sale the previous resouces to your clients.

    I am happy to restart as independant consultant and trainer....much better life even if income is nots the same

    Gerard Dumazet MCT 276 65 65