What do exam SMEs do – Part 1

Laura Martelli (Microsoft)

Well, It has been a couple of weeks that you didn’t hear from me but I’ve been a bit busy and I wanted to write about something that would be meaningful to you.

I recently project managed an Item Selection Meeting and I thought that this could be a great topic for you to know about. Item selection is the process by which a pool of exam questions is reviewed by subject matter experts for possible inclusion in the pool of questions that could appear on your exam. This meeting is held after we have some statistical/psychometric information. At Item Selection, SMEs discuss problematic items in the light of their statistical performance as well as the comments provided by test takers. Based on this discussion, which is facilitated by the Content Development Manager or our Psychometrician, Liberty, items will be either discarded, modified or retained as is in the final question pool.

Below you have a glimpse of my to do list for the session:

So now that you know my side, next blog post I’m going to ping one of the SMEs and ask him, "Why do you do participate in these meetings?" So stay tuned…

In other news, I went to Cabo San Lucas for the first time last weekend and it was amazing, what a beautiful place. If you have the chance, just go! Don’t think about it.

Images courtesy of yours truly

Anyway, I’m glad to be back and have time to write so I want to leave you with an Unknown quote that inspires me every morning

Talk to you soon!