While working at tech conferences, one of the most rewarding thing for our team is to see an attendee come out of the exam room beaming with pride: "Yes! I passed!" This week at SharePoint Conference 2014, there were many more cheers and high fives around Certification Central. One particular success story stood out.

 Meet Abigail, who passed her very first Microsoft exam and became a Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) on Wednesday, March 5. For her, that title winning exam was 70-461 on SQL Server 2012. She was ecstatic! We had to wait 'til she was done with her victory dance to get this picture. Abigail had been studying every night for it, with help from one of our MCT Ambassadors, Michael Corkery. We even had to kick her out of the study hall long after closing time.

In her own words: "Most people may get certified for a promotion or to get a better job. For me, I just wanted to prove to myself that I know this stuff, and I can do it!"

Congratulations, Abigail. You did it!

What was the first Microsoft exam you passed? Where were you? Why do you get certified? Share with us in a comment.

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